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sandy cameron
sandy cameron
I had a tap that needed a cartridge replacing, very responsive and came out the same day, gave a great service. I would 100% recommend.
Dr Esraa Dawood
Dr Esraa Dawood
Dany was on time, professional and quick
Gloria Anibueze
Gloria Anibueze
He came promptly and was very polite and gave a good solution to the problem
Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant
Very fast at unblocking out business toilets ready for our show this afternoon
Oliver Hayward
Oliver Hayward
Blockage was found and dealt with very quickly. Would definitely use Emergency Plumbers again
iman rahnama
iman rahnama
He is a professional person in his job and I liked what he did. I recommend him. Many thanks.
Nina Rahnamaeifar
Nina Rahnamaeifar
He is a professional person in his job and I loved what he did. I highly recommend him. Many thanks.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Efficient and thorough in cleaning kitchen, laundry and bathroom pipes saving a critical pump in the process. Thank you.
Kate Carson
Kate Carson
I needed a plumber quickly to disconnect dishwasher and washing machine in preparation for moving. They responded immediately, kept me informed by text and completed the job the next day. Would highly recommend.
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Seamless Tap Installation and Tap replacement: Ensuring Your Water Works Wonders

The significance of efficient tap installation and repair cannot be overstated in the maintenance of a modern home. A well-functioning tap system not only ensures the steady flow of water but also contributes to the aesthetic and economic well-being of your household.

After years of reliable use, the hot water tap in your bathroom has become stiff and challenging to open, causing concern over potential underlying pipe damage that could necessitate expert installation service.

What Are the Most Common Types of Taps in Homes?

Taps are an essential fixture in any home, serving functional and aesthetic purposes. Types of taps range from simple compression taps that use rubber washers to control water flow, to more complex mixer taps that allow for temperature adjustment. In the kitchen or bathroom, taps not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the room’s overall look and feel.

Why Is Professional Tap Installation Service Recommended?

Professional tap installation services are highly recommended for ensuring a job well done. Professional plumbers are fully qualified to handle the installation of all types of taps, including mixer taps and those requiring complex fitting. They can ensure that new taps are installed correctly, preventing leaks and other issues that may arise from improper installation.

How Can You Detect and Fix a Leaking Tap?

Detecting a leaking tap typically involves looking for visible signs of water or hearing the sound of a drip. Repairing a leaky tap usually entails replacing worn-out parts like washers or o-rings. It’s a straightforward fix that can save litres of water every day from being wasted, which is not only good for the environment but also for your water bill.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Tap?

The time it takes to install a new tap can range from an hour to a few, depending on the complexity of the job. Professional tap installers can typically complete the task more quickly due to their experience and expertise.

Can You Replace a Tap Yourself or Should You Contact a Professional?

While some may opt for DIY tap installation, assessing one’s own skill level is crucial before undertaking such a project. Simple tap installations may be manageable, but more complicated setups, like a kitchen mixer tap, are usually best to have them repaired or installed by a professional to ensure efficient service and avoid costly mistakes.

What to Expect From Tap Repair and Installation Services?

Expect tap repair and installation services to provide a full suite of offerings, from diagnosis to repair and replacement. Services should also include a clear explanation of the overall cost and warranty for the provided work.

How Do Mixer Taps Work and What Are Their Benefits?

Mixer taps combine hot and cold water streams to achieve the desired water temperature and flow. Their benefits include ease of use, modern aesthetics, and the ability to save water by quickly finding the right temperature, reducing the amount of water wasted while waiting for it to warm up or cool down.

The Environmental Impact of a Dripping Tap

A single dripping tap can waste a surprising amount of water, leading to unnecessary expense and environmental stress. Even a slow drip can amount to significant water loss over time, reinforcing the need for prompt and effective repair.

What Are the Signs That Your Tap Needs Repair or Replacement?

Signs that a tap needs repair or replacement include persistent dripping, leaky taps, strange noises, or difficulty in turning the tap on or off. A decrease in water pressure or water that doesn’t maintain temperature well are also indicators.

What Types of Kitchen Tap Installation Options Are There?

Kitchen tap installation options include traditional taps, pull-out taps, and professional-grade fixtures that can freshen up the look of a kitchen. When choosing a tap, consider the sink’s use, the space available, and the types of taps that would suit your home best.

How to Maintain Your Taps Post-Installation?

Post-installation maintenance involves regular cleaning to prevent buildup, checking for signs of wear, and replacing parts like washers before leaks start. Good maintenance can prolong the life of taps and ensure they function efficiently for longer.

How much does it cost to add a tap?

 In London, the cost of adding a tap can vary significantly based on various factors such as the type of tap, location, and the plumber’s labor charge. On average, this can range from £50 to £150. It’s always advisable to request multiple quotations for this task to ensure fairness and affordability.

How much will a plumber charge to change a tap?

 In London, the cost of hiring a plumber to change a tap can vary, depending on several factors such as the complexity of the job and the specific plumber’s rates. Generally speaking, London plumbers charge in the region of £50-£100 per hour for their services. Always ask for a complete estimate before work begins to avoid any potential confusion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Types of taps: From simple to mixer, choose the right one for your needs.
  • Professional service: It saves time and ensures a correct installation.
  • Tap repairs: Fix leaks promptly to prevent water waste and damage.
  • Costs: Understand the factors that influence installation and replacement costs.
  • Installation time: Know the factors that affect how long installation will take.
  • DIY vs. professional: Assess your skills or choose a qualified plumber for complex jobs.
  • Service expectations: A good service provides transparency and quality assurance.
  • Mixer taps: They are efficient, modern, and save water.
  • Environmental impact: A dripping tap is a water waster and should be fixed immediately.
  • Signs of trouble: Look out for leaks, odd noises, and poor performance.
  • Kitchen tap options: There’s a variety to suit any style and need.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep is necessary for longevity and performance.

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