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Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional space? Our team of skilled craftsmen at Bathroom Installation Service is here to provide professional bathroom installation services in London, UK. Experience the difference our expertise can make in creating your dream bathroom.

Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom with Expert Installation in London

Dreaming of a modern, luxurious bathroom that reflects your unique style and needs? Look no further! At Emergency Plumber London LTD, we provide exceptional bathroom installation services in London, transforming your old, outdated space into a beautiful and functional sanctuary.

Bathroom Installation Services Cost in London (2024)

ServiceAverage Cost RangeNotes
Small Job (e.g., fitting basin & taps)£160 – £210Per item
Tiling£100 – £120Per square metre
Full Bathroom Installation£3,500 – £20,000Highly variable depending on size, complexity, and materials
Basic Materials (toilet, bath)£500 – £1,500Budget-friendly options
Luxury Materials (Jacuzzis, freestanding baths)£1,000 – £10,000High-end options
Basins & Showers£200 – £1,500Wide range based on quality and brand
Italian Porcelain Tiles£500 – £2,000Premium material

Additional Notes:

  • These are just average costs and can vary greatly depending on the specific job, location, and chosen materials.
  • It’s important to get quotes from multiple contractors before making a decision.
  • Be sure to factor in the cost of permits, inspections, and waste disposal.
  • Consider the potential for unforeseen costs, such as plumbing issues or structural damage.

Here’s how we can help you create your dream bathroom:

Expert Design and Planning:

  • Free consultation: Discuss your vision, needs, and budget with our experienced bathroom designers.
  • Bespoke bathroom design: We create tailor-made plans that optimize your bathroom space and cater to your preferences.
  • 3D visualization: Get a realistic preview of your new bathroom before construction begins.

Seamless Installation Process:

  • Professional bathroom fitters: Our team comprises highly skilled and certified installers who ensure top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Efficient project management: We handle every aspect of the installation, from plumbing and electrical work to tiling and flooring.
  • Clear communication: Stay informed throughout the process with regular updates and open communication channels.

Wide Range of Services:

  • Full bathroom renovations: We handle complete transformations, from gutting the old bathroom to installing the final touches.
  • Bathroom suite installation: Upgrade your existing bathroom with a brand-new suite and fixtures.
  • Tile and flooring installation: Choose from a wide variety of beautiful and durable tiles and flooring options.
  • Shower and bath installation: Opt for a luxurious walk-in shower, a relaxing bathtub, or both!
  • Plumbing and electrical work: Our qualified plumbers and electricians ensure safe and efficient installations.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

  • High-quality materials: We use only the best materials that are built to last.
  • Meticulous attention to detail: Our team takes pride in delivering flawless finishes and precise installations.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer transparent and competitive quotes to suit your budget.

Local Expertise and Convenience:

  • London-based company: We understand the specific needs and regulations of London properties.
  • Convenient installation services: We work around your schedule to minimize disruption.
  • Excellent customer service: We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with excellent communication and service.

Can a plumber install a bathroom?

Yes, a plumber is perfectly capable of installing a bathroom. They possess the necessary skills and tools to handle tasks related to the plumbing system such as installing pipes, sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. However, for tasks outside of plumbing work, like tiling or electrical installations, you might need additional professionals.

How long does it take to get a bathroom fitted?

The duration for fitting a bathroom can vary based on several factors such as the design, fixtures and size. However, an average timeline can typically be around 1-3 weeks. This includes the time spent on preparation, installation and clean-up. Delays may occur due to unforeseen issues such as plumbing or electrical surprises.

How much does it cost to install a bathroom in London?

The cost of installing a bathroom in London varies widely due to factors such as size, materials used, and labor costs. An average estimate ranges from £3,000 to £6,000 for a standard sized bathroom. However, for high-end, luxury fittings, the price could exceed £10,000. It’s best to secure several quotes to ensure a competitive price.

Bathroom Installation Service Near Me – We’re Just a Call Away

In need of professional bathroom installation services? Look no further! Emergency Plumber London LTD is just a call away. Our team is readily available to assist you with all your bathroom installation needs, no matter where you are in London. Simply search for “bathroom installation service near me” and our experts will be at your doorstep in no time.

Ready to transform your bathroom?

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When plumbing or heating emergencies strike, seek the unwavering expertise of our Emergency Plumber services. Our highly qualified professionals are renowned for their swift response, leak repairs that restore peace of mind, and proactive pipe maintenance that safeguards your home from water woes.

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