Tips to Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems

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Many Winter Plumbing Problems can arise during the cold months that lead to serious damage to your plumbing system, both inside and outside the house. Be sure to take care of maintenance issues in the fall, such as scheduling a septic tank pump and draining exterior pipes. Repair your water heater regularly and add insulation to any pipes out of the house.

Winter Plumbing Problems

By coming the Winter Plumbing Problems, our Emergency Plumber London service gets many calls to fix winter plumbing problems. Ice makes winter a dangerous time and poses challenges for your plumbing. The freezing water in the pipes results in expensive repairs. You can avoid having this problem and save your money. In this article, we’ll inform you how to prevent winter plumbing problems and enjoy your winter time.

Five Common Winter Plumbing Problems

In this part, I want to describe four Winter Plumbing Problems. Before solving an issue we should be aware of that and know what problems can happen. If we know the condition, we can prevent it or solve it immediately before it becomes late.

Here are the five most common Winter Plumbing Problems:

  1. Frozen Pipes: Sometimes the frozen pipes can burst that it may cost you thousands of dollars.
  2. Clogged Kitchen Drains: This happens because of cooking a lot and leaving grease and fat down the drain. This leads to a clog when the pipes freeze.
  3. Water Heater Failure: As you know, water heaters work much more in the winter and so break down
  4. Damage Around Outdoor Drains: This can happen after rain since leaves clump around the drain and block water.
  5. Water Line Leak: In winter, water leak can be a serious problem. The pipes in your home may be old and by adding cold weather, the pipe will be frozen. So instead of dealing with a leak in the icy winter, take steps to make sure your water line is in good shape. Keep an eye out for your pipes and if the water line leaks, just contact us to fix the problem before it gets worse. The leak often gets larger, and the damage to your home or foundation can be very expensive to repair.

Now let’s find the solutions in order to prevent extra damage and expenses. If you follow these steps, you can save your money as well as enjoying your winter time and just sit on the sofa and drink a warm coffee while looking at snow.

Pipes Installed Outside of House

Your plumbing may be installed on the outer walls. When temperatures drop below zero, the pipes can freeze leads to a blockage and burst pipes.

However, this problem won’t happen to the pipes that get used regularly because the water runs in them. But at nights because of not using the pipes the blockage can happen. To prevent this problem, add insulation to the walls or around the pipe. You can use fiberglass or foam insulation. Also, by using the warmer interior air, the pipes can be warm. So open drawers and cabinets around the piping to let air circulation in order to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.

In addition, you can turn off any outside water by using the shut-off valves while the weather is warm. This will prevent the pipes from freezing during the winter. You can contact us for installing valves.

frozen pipes

Cold weather causes the exterior pipes to be damaged. Hose bibs, water valves and everything related to plumbing should be prepared for winter. As a result, pipes should be wrapped with insulation and box around them to allow space for insulation. Also, you should drain the pipes and tanks and interior components. Then, use anti-freeze in the system to avoid problems.

Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks must be emptied regularly to avoid clogging. For pumping the septic tank, you have to dig and remove the lid. This can be a very difficult in the winter since freezing temperature makes it hard.

If the tank overflows, repairs will be expensive. Doing the repairs in winter is difficult. But to avoid such problem, do the pumping to removes the solids in the autumn.

Water Heater Breakdown

Next, check the area around the water heater and make sure that it is ready for the cold weather. If your water heater works well, it can save you money. As you know in the cold winter it has to work more. One way is to add insulation around it.

Also, sediment is another problem in water heaters. So look inside the tank

every month or contact us to inspect the equipment or in case of building up sediment, flush the tank. In addition, keep your thermostat above 50 F to reduce the chance of your pipes freezing when it gets colder overnight.

Kitchen Sink Problems

Be careful about the kitchen sink. When you cook for a lot of people, the food bits clump down the drain. So, don’t put any grease down the drain. Grease and food can cause a clog at any time not just in winter. But, we say in winter, substances freeze and cause a blockage.

Keep Outdoor Drains Clear

Just before winter, clean up since the leaves near drains cause damage to the pipes that leads to flood in your basement.  After it snows, make sure that the drainage areas are not restricted by snow or ice. If the drainage area remains blocked, water could back up and flood the basement.

So it’s better to keep the waterways clear, pick up any trash around your drains. When it rains, water will carry dirt and garbage toward the drain that leads to an ice blockage. Emergency Plumb offers many services according to your needs.

Water Heater Breakdown in Winter Plumbing Problems

When to Call a Professional

If you follow these steps, you may not have any problems. However, there is no guarantee and things can go wrong.

So, if you notice water collecting, call us to check out your system. Also, if your pipes are frozen, we check and prevent damage.

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