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Check This 5 Items Before You Go On Holiday Summer 2022
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5 tips before you go for holiday trip : What a wonderful feeling! It’s summer holiday time. It’s always full of exciting moments, and an opportunity to relax, have a personal time, and enjoy every moment with family and friends.

Every student is always eager for the summer holiday; it allows them to explore new things aside from their daily routine of school and study. It is an exciting time of the year to explore.

Nevertheless, before you go on vacation for your summer holiday, there are certain planning and consideration that needs to be checked to ensure the home is in the right order to be left for a long time and also to make sure the safety of the house and its environment is guaranteed. Here are some of the things to check before you set on your long-anticipated vacation.

Turn Off the Stopcock


It is important to know that the safest thing to do when going on vacation is to turn off the main water supply. What you need to do is to locate the main water supply pipe for your house, and then turn off the stopcock valve of the inlet pipe.

By doing this, you will not have to worry about the state of the house while you’re away. You will not have to worry about the bursting of pipes, leaking of water, a dripping faucet, running toilet, and many other faults that might result in flooding and wastage of water.

Furthermore, if you will be asking your friends, family member, or neighbor to look after your house, ensure you take your time to show them the stopcock of your house’s main water supply valve in case there is a need for it while you’re away.

Turn Off the Boiler

Turn Off the Boiler

If you’re contemplating whether to leave your boiler ON while on vacation to keep the temperature of your home warm, you should also consider the high heating bill that will keep piling up, waiting for you to be cleared after vacation. This is an experience I believe no one desires.

So, if you’re planning on going on vacation during summer, it is recommended to turn off the boiler. This is because during this time the temperature is constantly warm, thereby keeping your home intact without having to worry about any issues at home.

Furthermore, you will not want to return from vacation and meet high heating bills. Turning your boiler off while you set on vacation saves you a lot of heating bills. Turning off your boiler is a very safe, effective, and cost-efficient thing to do before going on the summer holiday.

Switch Off the Gas Meter

Switch Off the Gas Meter

When going on vacation during summer, it is advisable to switch off your gas meter, you don’t know what might happen while on vacation. Plumbing issue occurs sometimes without any prior notice.

What you just need to do is to locate the safety valve of your gas meter and turn it off. If you do it right, the safety valve of your gas meter will be at a right angle to the pipe.

You will not want to arrive home and experience a gas leak in the house, thereby causing you extra bills and making the house prone to an explosion due to excessive leaks of gas that fills the house and the environs.

Check All Appliances

Anytime you are going on vacation, it is always safe to check all the electrical appliances in the house and unplug anyone you don’t plan to use. Doing this will helps you to reduce energy consumption and prevent any damage in case of an electrical storm.

Switch Off the Main Power

Switch Off the Main Power

Switching off the main power supply of your house is the safest thing to do when going on vacation. But this idea works, depending on how long your vacation time can be.

If your vacation time is not more than 4 weeks, it is better to unplug any appliances you don’t plan to use. This is because, for some appliances, for instance, your fridge requires a constant power supply to keep the food in the fridge intact, and some other things like that.

It is not advisable to off and on the main power supply in a few time ranges, as this can cause another damage to the circuit breaker.

However, if you plan a long time for your vacation like more than a month, it is recommended to switch off your main power supply. Taking this into consideration when you’re preparing for the vacation is important, anything that might get spoilt due to no power supply, you would have taken care of it before you set on vacation.

What you need to do to switch off the main power supply is to simply locate the electrical panel of your house and change the circuit breaker at the top to off.



Summer vacation is an exciting thing that gives everyone, both young and old to explore new things. It is a break that allows you to have a time of your own and that of your family and friends.

For you to have the best moment, accompanied with total rest of mind is the reason why you need to take every precaution for the proper maintenance of the home before you set on vacation.

Our organization, Emergency Plumber London brings these important maintenance tips to you. That you can find very helpful and educative while setting up for a summer vacation so that you can have peace of mind concerning the state of the home wherever you are and to allow you to enjoy the full fun of your vacation.

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