hot water piping-tips and Tricks

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hot water piping-tips and Tricks

There are different types of hot water piping as well as cold water piping. This depends on the type of building (commercial or residential) and the number of units. Also, hot water and cold water piping of the building must be professional from the very beginning. In addition, in hot water piping, it is necessary to follow and follow the principles of hot and cold water piping from the beginning. Because if not implemented properly, it will damage the pipes and high and additional costs, as well as damage to the house. Therefore, by knowing the tricks of building plumbing, the solution of building plumbing can be solved.

Are you planning to do hot and cold plumbing for your building?
Not enough information on how to calculate hot and cold building plumbing?
What do you think is the best temperature for plumbing water?

Hot water piping,cold water piping

Hot water piping and cold water piping

Follow us to get useful information about hot and cold water piping. The company’s experts are ready to serve and guide you in the field of hot and cold water piping all days of the year.

You can request building plumbing services by contacting a site expert. You can also ask about the price of hot and cold water piping.

The price of hot and cold water piping in the building

The cost and price of hot and cold water plumbing in the building generally vary. The cost of hot and cold water piping can vary depending on the area of ​​plumbing work, the type of plumbing! surface, and built-in, and so on. The higher the quality of the pipes used in hot and cold water piping and the greater the area of ​​piping! the higher the cost of hot and cold water piping.

The important point in determining the price of hot and cold water piping is that the labor service announces the cost after carefully examining the worksite. To determine the cost, it must evaluate the available parameters and then announce a reasonable price to the customer as the cost of hot and cold water piping. Finally, if the customer is satisfied, start plumbing hot and cold water.

Hot water piping,cold water piping

What do you know about the building’s hot and cold water piping tricks?

In some cases, the service inspects the building’s hot and cold water piping system. As a result, it is decided that the plumbing system does not need to be completely replaced to solve the problem of hot and cold water piping. So with just a few simple fixes, it’s easy to fix.

Hot and cold water plumbing tricks

Here are five examples of these problems. We collected these problems in building plumbing tricks. So studying them can help you in building hot and cold water pipes.

Tip #1: Hot and cold plumbing problems in the bathroom

One of the most common problems that may occur in the bathroom is leaking water from the pipes.
This problem is most likely caused by connections that are not well secured.
So the best way to solve the problem is to check and tighten the connections.


To solve the problem, just open the valve completely
Then wrap a rubber band around it to prevent water leakage.

Hot water piping,cold water piping

Tip # 2 Hot and cold water plumbing: Remove pipe clogging

If you have a problem with a small blockage in the water pipe and well. You will not need to replace the entire plumbing system
First, use a household pipe opener (a combination of baking soda and vinegar) or chemical
Then use the pipe opener to remove the clogged pipe
If the problem persists, your pipe will clog regularly.
Finally, you need to replace the pipe.

Tricks 3: cold and hot pipe leak removal

If your hot and cold pipes leak, there is no need to replace them. You can fix this leak with a few simple steps. Of course, in cases where there are many leaks.


There are so-called versatile adhesives on the market
These adhesives are used to solve plumbing problems.
These adhesives can solve problems such as pipe leaks
You can also use sealing tape or Teflon tape instead of glue.
You can get the desired result by twisting three or four rounds of this tape.

Tip #4: Strong connection of hot and cold water piping

Sometimes trying to tighten pipes is useless
The pipes are not strong enough.
Sometimes the pipes seem to have too strong connections
It is also impossible to open the pipes.
Either way, you can use heat to solve your problem.


All you have to do is use a propane burner
Heat the pipes a little before work.
As you know, this method can only be used for all types of metal pipes
Also, keep in mind that using this trick is very dangerous for gas pipes or plastic pipes and fittings.

Hot water piping,cold water piping

Tricks 5 hot water piping trick: increase the efficiency of the water heater pipe

Accumulation of water sediments in water pipes is another problem
According to some people and experts, the only solution to this problem is to replace the hot and cold plumbing of the water heater.
Considering the high cost of hot water piping and cold water, consider this option as the last option to remove sediments in the water heater.


All you have to do is wash your tank and water heater for three or four months.
To do this, first, turn off the water heater
Then place the drain tube in a container.
Then start washing the tank and water pipes using a water bottle.

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