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Dish sinks are very important in Hotel Plumbing In London, as there are a number of sinks in each hotel. The hotel kitchen has plenty of sinks with hot and cold water. A dining room, a bar, and a coffee shop are also equipped with a sink. Most restaurants and hotels have a sink of four floors. The first section is for removing large pieces of food that are attached to containers. The use of detergents and laundry is done in the second and third parts.

The final section also deals with the final laundry and cleaning. A separate sink is used to wash vegetables.

Highlights of Hotel Plumbing In London

It should be noted that when cooking and washing dishes, the oil does not enter the sink because the oil, due to its combination with other materials in the sewage, causes the pipes to become clogged. Therefore, oil-soaked containers must be cleaned before being placed in the dishwasher.

The number and quality of bathrooms usually depend on the quality of the hotel. In top-class hotels, each room or suite has a separate bathroom including a bath, toilet, shower, and bathtub. In mid-range hotels, each room only has a hot and cold water toilet. cheaper hotels, there is a public toilet on each floor. The lobby should also have a filtered water dispenser in order to sterilize the water.Plumbing Facilities - Design of Hotel Plumbing System

Plumbing Facilities – Design of Hotel Plumbing System

Today, a washing machine, centrifuge, washing machine, and disinfectant can be found in one machine. This saves time, washing, space, staffing, power consumption, detergents and more. These new equipment do not require a foundation, so you can easily add or subtract a device.

A water tank on the roof of the hotel building

Roofing is very common in multi-story buildings such as hotels. The tank is designed to accommodate at least one day of water consumption. Until temporary water or electricity is used. If the weight or volume of the tank containing excessive daily water intake is allowed, some of the water can be stored in the suction tank located in the basement.

Reservoirs in the plumbing of hotel buildings

Wooden tanks are a good place to grow germs. Therefore, regular cleaning of the tank is essential. Air tanks can be reinforced concrete or galvanized steel that does not react with water (without chlorine or chlorine). The water first pumps into the tank and fills it. It is recommended that two pumps with parallel connection be provided to fill the tank with the other if one of the pumps fails. In this way, the gravity force provides enough pressure to flow the water. So the water pressure in the lower floors is very high.

Separate tank to maintain proper water pressure

A separate tank can be used for every ten floors to reduce pressure. To adjust the pressure, the pressure reducing valves can be used instead of using multiple tanks on different floors. Pressure reducing valves only reduce pressure if all valves in the low-pressure zone are closed. It is also more likely to leak water when using low-pressure valves than when using multiple tanks.

Providing ice water in Hotel Plumbing In London

A parameter commonly overlooked in the design of the hotel’s plumbing system is the equipment to provide ice water in each room, a pastry shop and coffee shops. It is very simple and economical to provide ice water to hotels using a mechanical cooling system. In mechanical cooling systems such as refrigerators, heat absorption and thus refrigerant evaporation reduces ambient temperature. Refrigerant vapor pressure and temperature increase after compressor entry. Hot gas flows out of the compressor into the condenser after heat exhaustion at constant pressure, under saturated liquid conditions, enters the expansion valve and continues the cycle.Ensure sufficient water pressure on all floors in hotel plumbing

Ensure sufficient water pressure on all floors in hotel plumbing

To ensure sufficient water pressure on all floors, the diameter of the pipes must be carefully calculated. The diameter of pipes in tall buildings is determined by the water velocity in the pipe and the amount of pressure drop. The high velocity of the current increases the likelihood of a ram being hit as well as the pressure drop in the tube. At low speeds, the tube is not self-propelled.

The fire extinguisher system is an important component of first-class hotels even if the equipment is fireproof. The general arrangement of the water pipes to extinguish the fire is shown in the following figure. The tank above the roof as a temporary source keeps the lines full until the pumps start operating. Seaside or suburban hotels also use fire extinguishers to provide water to the fire fighting system.

Important Notes When Installing Plumbing Installations

Plumbing installations should be very careful not to have problems again and do not require any extra repairs and downtime as well as no time-wasting. As a result, there are some things to consider in standard installations:

  • The piping must be such that the outflow of water is sufficiently high and the water is sufficiently drained.
  • Care should be taken when connecting building pipes, which can be connected to and access to the municipal sewage system.
  • Equipment used in water and wastewater plumbing installations must be durable and resistant to any impact. They should also not contain clogging.
  • The sewage pipe must be resistant to vapors from the sewage air and not saturated. Consequently, the sewage pipe fittings of the building must be carefully and skillfully used with high-quality materials to prevent leakage and drainage.
  • It is obvious that the sewage pipes will become clogged after a while and the so-called sewage wells will be filled. As a result, a sufficient number of valves must be installed when plumbing the building sewage.
  • If the toilets have a siphon or seal, the results will be better and there will be less need for a pipe.
  • Wastewater discharge should not be performed on soil or water surface layers. This should also be considered when performing or repairing a building’s plumbing.

Price and method of calculating plumber’s wages:

The price of plumbing buildings depends on many things. Including:

  • The larger the building and the more floors, the more sections, and units, thereby increasing the number of pipes used and the complexity of the installation and connection of the pipes naturally increases. Hotel Plumbing In London, which usually has many floors, is usually more difficult and complex.
  • The type of pipe used will also affect the price of the pipe.
  • It will be costly to obtain permits for building plumbing and installation and transfer of meters.
  • If the house is old and needs to be demolished to install pipes, the cost of plumbing repairs will be higher.
  • Old and decaying pipes need to be replaced, and there is a separate charge for installing new pipes.

Hotel Plumbing in London city

The plumbing branch of the building has many parts, including the installation of water pipes, gas and sewage pipes and even installation of bathroom and toilet taps and kitchens. So with the slightest negligence in choosing the type of water and gas pipe,

you may have trouble later and contact the right plumber again to make the necessary repairs.

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