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When the pipe is leaking, the water in the sink didn’t go down the drain, or the toilet is making a strange sound, an emergency plumber is called.


During the weekend on Saturday morning, you wake up to prepare breakfast before preparing for a wedding ceremony. You open the tap to wash some dishes and unexpectedly unclean water is gushing out. You don’t know what to do, you are confused and at the same time worried. In such situations, an emergency plumber is available to help right away.

emergency plumber is available to help right away.

Emergency plumber is an expert in plumbing and piping system, who helps to deals with any problems in plumbing and piping system that can be disastrous if not attended to right away. He/she deals shows up right away to solve any plumbing and piping problems that can be financially and aesthetically disastrous if not attended to straight away.

Emergency Plumber vs Handyman

An emergency plumber is different from an handyman; an emergency plumber is well trained, certified and licensed in his/her area of expertise, while an handyman is a know-how person that have ideas in the area of plumbing and can fix minor plumbing issue which is not too advisable in other not to cause more damages unknowingly to the situation.

Emergency Plumber vs Regular Plumber

Emergency Plumber are trained personnel that are their to help you solve any plumbing and piping problem anytime(during the odd hours, midnight, weekend, and holiday time) anyday, while Regular Plumber are trained plumbing personnel that are available to attend to your plumbing need only during the working hours and at a scheduled time in which some plumbing problems might have escalate before the schedule time.

Why Do I Need An Emergency Plumber?

Most of the time, plumbing emergencies happens suddenly and at an inconvenience time. And no matter how much you prevent plumbing issues it will always occurs, just that the time of occurrence might differs depending on how you maintain it.

Why Do I Need An Emergency Plumber?

Due to this mostly inconvenience and sudden time of occurrence, is the reason why you need a trained plumbing personnel that you can call at anytime anyday to help you solve the plumbing emergency right away in other to avoid more damages.

Plumbing emergencies is any plumbing problems that require an immediate attention of a trained plumbing personnel else its damages can be disastrous, cost more fortune and put the life of the occupant at risk.

What Is Plumbing Emergency?

If you are experiencing a blocked sewage pipe, it is a plumbing emergency. This is because a blocked pipe can be unhygienic and cost you more if left unattended.

What Is Plumbing Emergency?

A clogged drain is also a plumbing emergency, any drain that is not allowing waste/water to go through is classified as plumbing emergency. If not attended to can put the health of the occupant at risk and chase more damages to the building system thereby costing a fortune later on.

Also, any plumbing issue that is causing a foul odour should be considered a plumbing emergency. Depending on what the person can risk, such plumbing situation can affect the  occupant health if not taken care of right away.

Finally, the most common plumbing emergency that every building(both residential and commercial) face is leaky/busted pipe.

common plumbing emergency

This plumbing emergency can occurs due to many reasons such as; high pressure of water flow in pipe, if pipe is frozen, or if pipe lifespan has expired, or an external damage to the pipe etc. When this happens, locate the main inlet valve and shut it off, then call an emergency plumber near me for an immediate repair or replacement.

Avoid Story That Touch

Now that you have known who an emergency plumber is and what a plumbing emergency is, I believe it has also come to an understanding that plumbing problem is inevitable in all building(both residential and commercial). Therefore, it is advisable to have an emergency plumber in your speed dial in other to avoid serious damages(story that touch).

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