What Causes Noisy Water Pipes?

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Noisy Water Pipes is what we’ve all heard at night. Most of these sounds can be ignored. However, if you hear banging noises from your water pipes, you may have a serious plumbing issue.

Noisy pipes are distractions and it difficult to find the source of the problem. To help handle the problem I mention top reasons why your pipes make noise. When you find the source of the problem, it’s time to fix it.

Some water pipes make noises due to clogs, weather and other factors.

See what’s causing your noisy pipes and contact to make your house quiet.

Here are some factors that may cause noisy pipes:

  1. Water Hammer
  2. Loose Pipes
  3. Worn Out Washer
  4. Main Shut Off Valve
  5. Toilets

noisy pipes

Water Hammer

Noisy pipes caused by several factors. Let’s see what is water hammer. Water through the pipe moves with speed and force. Once you shut off the faucet, the water flow is brought to an abrupt halt. But that energy has to go somewhere. There is  an air chamber in the pipe behind each hot and cold faucet. It is about 10 inches of pipe soldered vertically.

Then, once the rushing water was stopped, it would push up that vertical pipe that hits a cushion of air in the pipe. That avoids the water force from causing the pipes to rattle, or hammer. Now, there are commercial air cushions that are attached to the pipe in the same place that do the same job. Hammering can create after years, as the air in that little vertical riser is lost, and thus the cushioning effect is lost.

How to Prevent Water Hammering

Remove water hammering by shutting off the main water, opening all faucets and then draining the whole house from the lowest faucet. When you store water, air will be pushed into the risers that designed to avoid water hammer.

There are two main ways to solve the problem.

  • Check your air chamber.An air chamber is a vertical pipe located near your faucet. The chamber filled with air that compresses and absorbs the shock of the fast moving water when it suddenly stops. Unfortunately, over time air chambers fill with water and lose their effectiveness. To address this issue you can do the following.
    • Turn off the water supply at the main supply.
    • Open your faucets to drain all of the water from your plumbing system.
    • Turn the water back on. The incoming water will flush the air out of the pipes but not out of the vertical air chamber, where the air supply has been restored.
  • Install water hammer arrestors.These small devices connect to your water pipes and contain a spring-loaded shock absorber. They work by diverting the force of the water when a faucet is shut off. Unlike air chambers, water hammer arrestors never become waterlogged. Emergency Plumb is able to handle the installation of these components.

Loose Pipes

Another cause of noisy water pipes can be a loose pipe under the house. The flushed water moves fast and in large volume and can cause a pipe to sway, setting up a rattling effect.

How to Fix Loose Pipes

Drain pipes are another source of the problem and may just need a little stabilization. By crawling under the house with a flashlight while someone flushes the toilet, you can find the source by listening and looking.

Worn Out Washer

A worn out washer in a faucet or valve may cause whistling in water pipes or squeaky pipes. The source of this squealing can be in the valves that connect to the washing machine.


How to Fix a Worn Out Washer

If you see the squealing sound comes when the washer is on, you have an easy solution. You should first shut off the valve and check the washers in the hose. Replace if they look worn or cracked. If the problem remains, shut off the house water and repair the faucet. One of the faucet’s washers may be worn or the valve seat is worn, causing water to be forced through a smaller opening and setting up the noisy pipes.

Main Shut Off Valve

Another cause of squealing water pipes, specially when it seems to resonate through the whole house, can be either the main shut off valve for the house or the water pressure regulator.

How to Fix Main House Valve

For the main shut off, first turn off the water at the street valve and then replace or repair the main house valve. If it is not fixed yet and you have a pressure reducer on your incoming cold water line, it may be in the reducer’s manifold.

Noisy Water Pipes


Yet another noise problem is from the toilet. If you hear a banging or rattling at the end of the fill cycle, then it may be that the ballcock assembly, which controls the fill process, is worn.

How to Prevent Noisy Pipes from Your Toilet

Repairing depends on the style and how new the ballcock is and if it is impossible to fix you can replace it with a more efficient one.

Copper pipes

Copper pipes expand as hot water passes through and transfers some of its heat to them. In tight quarters, copper hot-water lines can expand and then noisily rub against your home’s hidden structural features. One possible solution to this problem is to slightly lower the temperature of your hot water heater.

Water pressure that’s too high

If the water pressure is too high, it can also cause noisy water pipes. High water pressure may damage water-supplied appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher. Most modern homes have a pressure regulator and if not provide one.


Loud pipes are not only annoying, but plumbing problems can also happen with noisy water pipes. Fortunately, you can fix the problems above yourselves. however, if you need help we are here to fix the problem with our reliable and experienced plumber near me service. So don’t hesitate to contact Emergency Plumb.

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