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Every one faces the problem of clogging the sink. Before calling a plumber you can do some techniques. I recommended to clean drain on hand and to use it regularly to clean your pipes. This will prevent a clogged drain. It’s better to use first a plunger. These are easily found in many stores and should be in your household tools. A plunger uses suction and pressure to loosen a clog. To make your job easier, put petroleum jelly on the outer rim.

By putting the plunger over the drain, make sure the sink is filled with some water. Then  work the plunger up and down several times. When the clog has been removed, water should rush out of the bowl.

It should be mentioned that having a drain cleaner is really helpful. Remove standing water from the basin.. Let the cleaner sit for several hours or even overnight. Finally, flush the drain with hot water.

If the above methods didn’t work, you can check the U-trap. This is like a “U” located under the sink. Then catch excess water. Take a piece of wire to scrub the inside of the trap, put new gaskets on to maintain a watertight seal.

If these processes fail, don’t hesitate to call us.

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5 Common Problems in Kitchen Sink Plumbing and How to Solve Them

To talk about this problem, let’s go through the details. When there is something wrong with our kitchen sink, we call an experienced plumber.  But sometimes you can solve the problem.

Sinks of kitchen and bathroom get clogged for various reasons like:

  • Lint
  • Hair
  • Cooking oils and grease
  • food
  • Soap

The Most Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues

1. Broken Garbage disposal

If your kitchen sink is clogging, it’s because of a faulty or broken garbage disposal. There is a simple way you can try fix it; firstly, push the red button underneath the disposal and it should be back up and running.

If your garbage disposal is not working well, then, you should contact a good plumber. If it is, feel free to contact us.

 2. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, the main cause of low water pressure is a clogged aerator. It happens due to dissolved minerals like calcium building up in the small openings in the aerator. If you have hard water or water with high mineral count you will have a clogged aerator.

Remove the aerator and place in a small plastic container filled with white vinegar for 5 hours. Remove and reinstall. Your aerator should work well now. Your water pressure may also be because of clogged water piping due to debris in the water lines. Whichever happens you can Emergency Plumb to get advice and we will proudly help you.

3. Leaky Kitchen Faucet

A leaky kitchen faucet needs a professional’s solution. First check to see if it s a simple problem and find out the source of the leak. Do not forget to turn off the water before checking your sink or water lines.

4. Clogged Kitchen Sink

Every kitchen sink has a trap in the shape of the letter P. This doesn’t let odors and sewer gasses to enter your kitchen. This is because of gravity force. Because of its special shape, this trap filled with soap and grease, which will clog the sink or create leakage. You can simply check the trap by putting a bucket under it.

5. Clogged Drain Lines

This is another common problem related to your kitchen sink plumbing. If you have a garbage disposal, there will be clogged drain lines in your sink. Most people do not flush the garbage so food pieces can build up in the pipe under the sink. This will prevent water from draining well. Usually, you can solve this problem yourself.

You can use a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner. These tools might remove the obstruction. As a final solution, you can contact a plumber.

Notice: Use chemical cleaners just if there is a slow draining sink not a completely clogged sink. Since if the opener doesn’t work, there will be a sink filled with water and a dangerous chemical.

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How to Solve Simple Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

Unblock Kitchen Sink Traps

The simplest way to unblock traps is by using a snake tool. However, it is better to dismantle the sink in order to remove the blockage completely. You will need tools such as a bowl, a bucket, replacement washers, and a toothbrush. Don’t worry and just follow these steps:

1. First undo the sink trap.

2. Put a bucket under it

3. Remove debris and residues. Then, clean the trap using water and a bucket. Use the toothbrush to clean the area.

4. Replace the trap with new washers.

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How to Plumb a Kitchen Sink

If you want to install a new kitchen sink, first read the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. Here are the necessary steps.

Measure your current sink. If the new kitchen sink is bigger than the old one, you should make enough space for it. It means you should modify the kitchen sink plumbing or the counter top opening.

Tip: replacing all the components such as faucets, soap dispenser, water filter is easier to do when you install a new sink.  Do not forget to wear glasses when you work under the sink.

2.  Remove the old sink. First take a photo of the original plumbing configuration. Turn off water supply lines or you can turn off your house’s entire water line.

3. When the water line is closed, you can turn on the sink’s faucet to relieve the lines’ water pressure. To disconnect the faucet’s water supply lines, use wrenches and put a bucket under them. If you have a garbage disposer, turn off the circuit and unplug it. Then you can remove the drain line and the waste from the dishwasher.

4. Unscrew the metal clips under the sink and cut the caulk. Lift the sink away and install the new one.

5. Before placing the drain strainer, you should apply some plumber’s putty around it. Make sure that the drain strainer is fixed. It is better to apply a thin layer of silicone on the basin’s edge. Check if all water lines and connections are tightened and reinstall the dishwasher drain.

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