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You don’t prepare for an emergency on the day it happens, you prepare for it before the day. Preparing for the worst does not mean the worst will happen it is a wise action to make life easier.

Nevertheless, a plumbing emergency is an emergency that is inevitable to every homeowner. It is a situation that cannot but happen in every home no matter how preventive you are.

Its time of occurrence is beyond what anyone can control. It can happen anytime anyway.  Due to this reason is why it is advisable to prepare ahead of such an emergency time before it happens.

One of the ways to prepare for a plumbing emergency is to have a contact number of a reliable and competent emergency plumber that you can call anytime any day whenever you need his help for your home plumbing problems.

How Much Are Emergency Plumbers? Emergency Plumbers Charges Fees

The charges fee of an emergency plumber is twice or thrice the charges fee of a regular plumber.

If a plumber is charging per hour for a jo the price ranged from £40to €80. If he is charging per job the price ranges from €180 to €400 depending on some considerable factors.

How much are emergency plumbers? Factors that depends on the cost of an emergency plumbers

Call Out Fee


When you call emergency plumbers, the first thing they will ask is the location of the job and the kind of plumbing problems you are facing. They are asking these so that they can consider the trip free and the equipment to be use to your bill.

Call out fee is the cost of the distance traveled by a plumber to the job location and sometimes the charges of the equipment use for the repair. The charges fee of a call out fee is usually an average of €100 to €200 depending on the emergency plumber company.

Size Of The Job

The charges fee for a complex job will be much more than the charges fee for a minor one. This is because More complex job requires a longer time, some level of expertise, and the use of some special equipment to fix the  job

Also, an area of repair that is hard to access may charge an extra fee for instance if a plumber has to work in a confined space before the repair can be fixed.

Time Of The Job

The common trend among emergency plumbers is; that if called upon during the weekend they will charge one and half times the regular plumber charges a fee, if called upon at the midnight they will charge twice the regular plumber charges a fee, and if called upon during the holiday time they will charge thrice the regular plumber charges fee.

The cost of calling an emergency plumber at those hours increases and varies depending on the time of your call.

Competency Of The Plumber

Competency Of The Plumber

A licensed plumber will charge more than a handyman because he is a professional that has undergone rigorous training to offer you the best service for any of your plumbing needs. And this will assures you that he is competent and reliable for the job.

Material Cost

Material Cost

This is another factor that affects the cost of an emergency plumber. If your plumbing problem requires some material to fix the problem, you will need to put that into consideration. The material cost to be used for the repair should also be considered when budgeting to call an emergency.

A Smart Move

There are many other factors to be considered when calling out an emergency plumber. Nevertheless, whenever you notice a plumbing problem it is always safe to call an emergency plumber right away for immediate attention.

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