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If you are experiencing hot water tank leaking, it is advisable to disconnect the water and gas valve immediately (though not necessarily) and contact a professional water heater or plumber. But knowing the following points until the repairman arrives can help you a lot.

If your water heater has a leak, the first step is to check the drain valve. All water heaters are equipped with a drain valve attached to one side of the tank. These valves are usually made of plastic and are more likely to leak. If there is a leak in this area, a closer look should be made to determine if the water has leaked from the valve or from the valve connected to the leak tank.

hot water tank leaking

hot water tank leakingIf the tank is leaking, you can remove the old valve and clean and reinstall the threads, but it is best to remove the valve and replace it with a new one.
If there is a leak in the faucet, allow some water to come out of the faucet. Be careful because the water can be very hot! When you tighten the milk, it may stop leaking again, if the problem is due to some deposits in the milk. If this happens, it is a good time to discharge and wash the tank to clean the sediment. If the faucet leak does not stop, you will need to replace it.

Replacing the water heater valve when hot water tank leaking

  • To replace the valve if your water heater is electric:
  • You must first disconnect the power
  •  If it is gas, you must first close the inlet valve.
  • Close the cold water inlet and attach a hose to the drain valve
  • One side of it is located at the entrance to the floor sewer.
  • Open the drain valve and hot tap to drain the air in the tank when the water drains.
  • Be careful because the water may get very hot!

Tip: Before closing the inlet valve and the drain valve of the tank, open the hot water tap in the house and allow the hot water out to reach the outlet water at the appropriate temperature.

When the tank is discharged, open the old valve using a pipe wrench or French wrench. Clean the threads on the tank body and wrap the Teflon tape on the threads, then install and close the new valve.
Fill the milk tight enough and tight and fill the tank
You can then plug in the water heater or inlet gas.

hot water tank leaking

What to do when hot water tank leaking?

If the water heater is leaking, also check the temperature pressure relief valve. All water heaters are equipped with a pressure relief valve, usually located next to the water heater. This valve is a reliable means of preventing the tank from bursting when the temperature rises or the pressure rises. The drain valve is often plastic or copper and is attached to copper pipes that are mounted for safe exit and direct discharge from the bottom.

If there is leakage from tank or tank fittings

You have to open the old valve, clean the threads, and reconnect it, but it is best to replace it with a new one.
If the outlet is leaking, this valve must be replaced.
To replace the valve, you must first turn off or close the power supply of the electric water heater or the gas water heater inlet gas.
Close the cold water inlet and attach a hose to the drain valve, one end of which is mounted on the floor sewer.
Open the drain valve and the hot tap to allow the air inside the tank to drain out.
When the tank is discharged under the pressure relief valve, you can replace the valve using a French wrench.

Clean the threads of the tank body and use Teflon tape to close the new valve and then install the valve.
Firmly tap the valve during installation and then connect the pipes to it.
Fill the tank with water before opening the gas inlet valve or turning on the heater.

What to do when electric hot water tank leaking?

If your electric water heater leaks from the floor or interior, you should check the water heater element washer. Electric water heaters usually have two elements mounted on the tank. These washers are located behind the access covers next to the water heater.

hot water tank leakingTips

  • You first need to cut off the water heater and then open the cover screws
  • Remove the insulation of the pipes and check for signs of leakage.
  • If there is a leak in the element, replace the gasket.
  • Of course you have to empty the tank first. Close the inlet valve of the cold water and attach a hose with the other end of it in the floor sewer.
  • Open the drain valve and the hot water valve to allow the air inside the tank to come out.
  • The tank should be empty until the entry of the element.
  • Use a socket or wrench of the right size and open the old one.
  • Remove the damaged washer and clean the surface underneath and the surface of the element and reinstall the new washer and element.
  • Tighten the element fast enough and then connect the wires to the terminals.
  • Close the drain valve tightly, open the inlet valve and allow the tank to fully fill.
  • Before re-closing the covers and switching on the water heater, check the water heater again for possible leaks.

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