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Plumbing emergency is any plumbing problem in either a residential or commercial building that requires immediate attention else its effects can pose danger to the people there in and cost much more to fix later on.

To prevent such dangers of a plumbing emergency, you will need to know the kind of plumbing issues that can be delayed to fixed and the ones that cannot. Also having a contact number of an emergency plumber that can answer you anytime any day will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions when facing a plumbing problem.

Here are five reasons to know when to call an emergency plumber;

Leak Pipe

Leak Pipe

Water damage is so destructive, especially to any wooden property that is in a place where the leak is happening.

Apart from damaging your wooden property, the water leak area will also be damped which the damped areas will be breeding cockroaches bugs and mosquitoes. And this can be harmful to your health and that of your family.

Therefore, whenever you notice any leak in your home it is advisable to call an emergency plumber to fix it right away

Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe

If you are facing this plumbing issue right now stop reading and call an emergency plumber right away.

Flooding is an issue to be taken with utmost concern. When it happens, don’t try to fix it on your own. Call an emergency plumber for an professional handle of your home piping and plumbing system.

When this plumbing emergency happens, locate the  main inlet pipe of the house and shut off its valve. Then call an emergency plumber for a professional handle.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet

If you flush and your toilet waste didn’t go down the drain or maybe as you flush the water rises then you should know that it is a symptom that your toilet has been blocked.

If it is a minor blockage you can easily use your plunger and dislodge the blockage. If you try this and it doesn’t work then it is advisable to call an emergency plumber right away. An emergency plumber will professionally detect the blockage area and unblock the drain quickly and efficiently.

Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain

Blockage in the drain can also be a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention. If it is a minor sink blockage you can’t get yourself a vinegar baking soda and hot water to clear the blockage.

If you try this and it doesn’t work then it is a serious blockage drain and it is advisable to call an emergency plumber right away to solve the problem for you professionally.

Dirty Water gushing Out

The water flowing out of the pipe should be clean and good for use, but if the water is brown or dirty then you need to call a professional to fix it right away.

This is because it can be dangerous to your health if not taken care of right away. Water is an essential commodity in the home for use.

Water Heater Stopped Working

Water Heater Stopped Working

You will not want to take a shower and cold water started coming out instead of hot water. Before the water heater stopped working there are some symptoms it would have been given such as; Discolored water, not enough hot water, water leaking from the hot water tank, etc.

When you neglect all those signs and it suddenly stops working then it is said to be a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. You will not want to shower with cold water.

Best Emergency Plumber

There are many more reasons to call an emergency plumber. This is because it is always safe when a plumbing problem is noticed to call a professional to handle the problem immediately, in order not to lead to another damage in the home.

For any of your plumbing problems call us at Emergency Plumber LTD to solve the problem for you quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Our professional plumbers and engineers take their time and experience to make your life easier by solving all the plumbing and heating issues you are facing in your home or office.

Call us today at +44859252525 or book us via this website. You can also contact us via our email info@emergencyplumb.co.uk. Our response team will respond to you right away.

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