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You need to be prepared with the necessary steps and information on what to do in case of a plumbing emergency.


Whether a pipe burst. The house is flooding. The toilet is blocked. The sewer back up. The sink drain blocked. There is no water running. You open a tap and disclosure water gushes out. If you are facing any of this, it is a plumbing emergency.

Plumbing emergencies can be demanding and demoralizing but the key to this inevitable problem is to know what to do at that moment it happens. Emergency Plumber London will explain step by step everything you need to know and prepare you ahead.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

Most plumbing issues are considered plumbing emergencies but not all. This is because when plumbing issues occur if not attended on time they can escalate and causes more damage.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

Here are some situations that can be considered a plumbing emergency:

  • Flooding: If you see any form of water damage or flooding, it is considered a plumbing emergency. Flooding or water leak can damage your furniture, electrical appliances, flooring, wall, and many more. If not attended to right away, it will get worse and compromise the safety and health of the occupant. If you are facing this, call an emergency plumber right now to avoid more damage.
  • No hot water: If your hot water stops running or it is not running enough hot water, it is a plumbing emergency. It can be caused due to a faulty thermostat, leaks in the boiler, or electrical fuse issues. Whenever you experience this, call an emergency plumber to fix it right away in other to avoid more possible complex plumbing issues.
  • Water stops running: Water is what constitutes our daily activities and well-being. If the water stops running, you have to call your water company and if it is not an issue from them, then you are facing a plumbing emergency. It can be caused due to either a pipe that has burst or there is a blockage in your main inlet pipe. If you are in London and you are facing this call an emergency plumber to fix the issues for you quickly and safely.
  • Frozen pipes: If your pipe froze, it is a plumbing emergency. This is because if not attended to immediately it can cause issues like leaks or bursting a pipe. To know of your pipe is frozen; of you open a tap and water didn’t gush out mostly during winter. If this happens, call an emergency plumber to fix it straightway
  • Toilet issues: Whatever the issue is or might cause, it is a plumbing emergency, and it is important to fix it right away. Because toilet issue can be unhygienic and causes health issues.

What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

During plumbing emergencies don’t panic calm down, and start taking the necessary steps. Below are what to do during an emergency:

Shut The Water Valve

Shut The Water Valve

This is the first thing to do in any plumbing emergency. Shutting off the main water valve is what you should do if you want to reduce water damage. No matter what the plumbing issue might be, having water messing it up the more is not a good way to go about it.

If you know where the leak is coming from, shut the water source near it. If it is from a toilet, the water valve should be from the toilet wall. Look for a small round-shaped handle and turn it to the right to stop the water.

If the leak is from the sink, check below the sink and you will also see rounded-shaped valves, one for hot and the other for cold water, use your two hands to shut them off by turning them to the right.

rounded-shaped valves

If you can’t place where the leak comes from or the water valves, go to the basement or wherever your main inlet pipe is connected to your home, locate the water valve and turn it off by turning the valve perpendicular to the water supply. This will stop the water from coming into the building.

Open Faucets To Drain The Remaining Water

Open Faucets To Drain The Remaining Water

After shutting off the valve, open your faucet to drains all the excess water in the pipe that can possibly cause leaks thereby causing water damage. Then drain out the flooded area by using towel and bucket.

Assessing The Cause Of The Problem

Identifying the source of the problem is the next step after shutting off the water source. The level of difficulty of the plumbing issues determines if you can get it easily or will require a professional assessment.

Assessing The Cause Of The Problem

For instance, if the issue is a leak, you should be able to prevent this by creating a temporal solution before a professional arrives.

Emergency Plumber Near Me

Whenever you are facing a plumbing emergency call Emergency Plumber London. Where ever you are in London, our expertise is in every region in the city of London to use their experience and expertise to attend to your plumbing issue. You can call us at any time, we offer our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your home comfortable. We offer our service to both residential and commercial buildings in London.

To maintain, repair, and replace any plumbing and piping system, we at Emergency Plumber London are your best choice to give you a long-lasting solution. Call us today at 02036748514 02036748514 or book us via this website and we will respond to you and be at your doorstep within 30 minutes

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