Why is the water cold?

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Why is the water cold?

What to do with the cooling water used in the plumbing system? Are you also suffering from the problem of cold water consumption? If you live in London, you may have a cold water problem sometimes. Maybe you live in another city you may still have a cold water problem because it’s almost a natural thing for many people to do. The cause of this problem is sometimes to be found at home, and sometimes because of city water supply problems. So if you live in a city other than London, you may have a cold water problem. Suppose you shower in the bathroom and the water gets hot and cold. Water cools again as you heat up and use. This cold water problem is likely but where can it happen? What really is the reason?

What’s the problem with cold water in boiler packs?What's the problem with cold water in boiler packs?

In this article, we try to investigate the problem of cold water heating boilers. Heating packages have an automated system that regulates the flame to stabilize the temperature in the hot water system used. Of course, the system also has functions in the winter, but for the time being, we will explain the cold and hot water consumed.

I’ll give you an example to illustrate the problem of cold water

Suppose the consumer adjusts the temperature of the hot water consumed to 2 degrees Celsius. When the bath valve is open, the package must strive to maintain the water temperature of the hot water outlet at 2 ° C. This will actually be done by the package’s automated system. The automated system can do this by increasing or decreasing the flame length.

What problems will cause the system to crash?

Gas control valve not set

If the throttle control valve is not set at the initial installation of the device, the control range of the device will not be able to adjust the flame for operation. In many cases, this can lead to cold water problems as well as cold and warm water consumption. It is advisable to contact a local plumber if you cannot solve the problem yourself.

Low water pressure in the city

Another issue that can cause a cold water problem or cause cold water to heat up is the low water pressure. If the water pressure of the piping is low, the device cannot maintain the desired water temperature and the temperature will rise and the package will have to turn off the burner, resulting in problems such as cold water problems, as well as cold and hot water problems. You can use the free site content and tips to solve the problem or if you are a resident of London contact a local professional plumber in London we are ready to help.

Primary and secondary converter clogging and hydraulic path

What's the problem with cold water in boiler packs?

One of the most important issues that can affect the problem of cold water is congestion in the hot water supply pathway or primary to the secondary converter (in double packs). Clogging causes all heat received by the primary water in the primary converter to not be transferred to sanitary water. This raises the temperature of the water in the boiler pack, resulting in the boiler being forced to cut the flame. After the water cools, the burner will light up again, causing the problem of cold water as well as the problem of cold and warm water consumed.

What to do to solve the problem of cold water as well as the problem of cold and warm water?

  • If the control valve is not set, the specialist and experienced technician should set the valve in place and the problem will be resolved. So contact a local professional plumber to solve the problem for you.
  • There is no work done by the technician regarding the very low hot water pressure and the pump or tank should be installed. Of course, if you find a local professional plumber who can install a tank or pump for you, you can get help.
  • In case of congestion and hydraulic path, you should also get the help of a specialist technician to solve your machine problem.

What's the problem with cold water in boiler packs?

None of us want to bathe in cold water. If you occasionally deal with this problem, we tell you what are the main reasons for the package to cool down and you may be able to identify and resolve the problem yourself by knowing these reasons. Of course, you may miss out on work many times and have to get help from a package repair professional. However, knowing these things is not a mistake. So read on and read the following tips.

The air in the pipes

Look carefully at the grade on the package. If its pressure is below one, it means that it needs to be ventilated. The screw is located at the bottom of the device where you rotate it to hear a sound like air coming out. Hold the screw open until it reaches the top. Open the water when the grade reaches a high. Doing so may solve your cold water problem.

Control board burning

Sometimes the package is clear but it doesn’t work. This is one of the signs of control board failure. You can get help from a package repair specialist to replace your control board.

Other Miscellaneous Reasons

Above are some of the main reasons why the packaged water is not heated. But don’t forget that there are other factors involved in cooling the water that can cause cold water problems.
Among them are the following:

  • Power outage
  • What's the problem with cold water in boiler packs?Device electrical connection
  • Improper package valve
  • Pump error
  • Radiator deposition (This problem can also be solved by washing water and acids)
  • Old and worn out radiators
  • Package Chimney Damage
  • Package valve failure
  • High maze of plumbing (this reduces water pressure)
  • Faulty heating potentiometer
  • Too close to the radiator to the package
  • Package Flow Meter Failure
  • Sediment Package Water Valve
  • The proximity of several radiators (causes pressure drop)
  • Not performing periodic services


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