The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

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The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

When you have plumbing problem, it’s better to hire a licensed plumber. Since an unlicensed plumber who advertises in your area or the one that says he can fix it with a cheap price may not be able to do his work properly and may doesn’t have enough skill.

However, if you’re dealing with an Emergency Plumb member, it’s ok to hire an unlicensed one.  However, if you hire an unlicensed plumber from a company that doesn’t have reputation, it will cost you much more money in the long run.

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Why Plumbers Become Licensed

Like other skills, the plumbing work require the plumber to pass a test. He should work certain hours and take a test at last. This license may be certified by the state or country in which the plumber will work. The certificate shows that the plumber can comply with all the laws and safety measures and his method is not harmful or outdated. In addition, it displays that the plumber is professional. This distinguishes him from other people who claim they are plumber but they just do it for making extra money.

It should be mentioned that there are many companies like Emergency Plumber in London that provide ongoing education, and give license to those who take this education. This is one of the advantages of hiring a licensed plumber, since in this education they will get to know the newest products and methods.

What’s the Harm in Hiring a Plumber Without a License?


An unlicensed plumber may work well but it’s better to hire a licensed one in order to be sure. The classes that a licensed plumber takes part in makes them up-to-date as an unlicensed plumber may use outdated methods which results in costly mistakes.

Licensed plumbers have insurance. This can save you money since if the plumber is hurt during the work at your place, their insurance will cover their medical care. But if he doesn’t have insurance, you have to pay much money. In addition, insurance shows that the work quality is good enough. So this is the difference between the one that comes to repair for free but then you have to wait for another plumber to come and fix the first plumber’s mistakes with high cost.

Therefore, in hiring a licensed plumber, there are many advantages. Though you must pay more but you don’t have to pay for the mistakes of an unlicensed plumber, that’s costlier.

So as mentioned above, a professional plumber is skilled and there are many advantages of hiring a licensed plumber as he has attended many classes to learn the tricks. So he is a knowledgeable professional plumber. Also, a licensed plumber is experienced to fix terrible plumbing and repair plumbing mistakes performed by another plumber.


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6 advantages of using a licensed plumber:

Here we get to know 6 important advantages of hiring a licensed plumber:

1.        Repair, install and upgrade

A licensed plumber has the expertise to solve many problems. For example, he can repair, replace and install a water heater. He can do it easily and upgrade your plumbing.  Licensed plumbers have successfully passed through a detail and extensive certification process. So, becoming a licensed plumber is difficult since they have to pass a written exam and complete an apprenticeship. Therefore, a licensed plumber has the expertise and experience to handle all forms of plumbing work.  In addition, they have the latest plumbing equipment that can resolve all forms of plumbing they can finish their work fast with the best work quality.

2.        Save your warranty

If a licensed plumber installs your appliance, you can use the warranty of that appliance, otherwise you cannot use the warranty since the factory may deny the warranty repairs if any problem occurs because of not professionally installing the appliance.

3.        Building code

A licensed plumber knows local building codes and you can be sure about the building codes. As you know, not knowing the codes will lead to fines and penalties if something goes wrong. So by hiring an unlicensed plumber you take this risk. Also, if a flood occurs due to improper installation of your water pipes, you cannot claim insurance.  Your insurance company can deny your claim since your plumbing equipment was not professionally installed.

4.        Safety

By hiring a licensed plumber, you can be sure that your plumbing is safe. If something goes wrong with the plumbing of your water heater, it will cause damage and will be dangerous. So ensuring about safe operation of your plumbing relies on hiring an expert plumber with license. Licensed plumbers give you a permanent solution that remove your plumbing problem. For example, if your basement is humid, you should hire a licensed plumber for basement waterproofing services. Hiring a licensed plumber will give you a piece of mind so you won’t have to worry about having a leaky basement again later.

Surely you do not want to spend your time on making sure of the quality and safeness of your plumbing work. So call a licensed plumber and rest as you can be sure that everything will be ok.

5. Detailed Diagnostic

Licensed plumbers are experts in testing your plumbing issue and can identify the root of the problem. A licensed plumber provides a detailed diagnostic and so you know what is repaired.

6. Save Costs

Licensed plumbers will save you money in the long run. Since a licensed plumber does the work by using the latest plumbing equipment and correct procedures, you do not have to worry about any plumbing damages in the future that can cost more money.

In need of a licensed plumber

So Licensed plumbers are experienced and can take care of your home. But unfortunately some people hire an unlicensed plumber that cannot solve the problem and they have to pay twice at last for repairing.

We are here to help you find a licensed plumber who you can trust to. Our company offers 24-hour emergency. Just call us.


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