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At the end of the month, you check your bill and you see a hike in the increase of water bill the increases. The increase is up to three times the normal bill. You are confused that how come the water bill increases this much?

Then you started checking the house and what might have caused it. Unexpectedly you saw a damp spot in your basement which has even affected some of your wooden property in the basement and the area has also been breeding cockroaches and bugs.

When you notice this, what you need to do is to pick up your phone and call a professional emergency plumber for immediate attention and proper clean-up after repair.

Are you thinking of how much the plumber repair will cost? Don’t worry call us at Emergency Plumber LTD, our services are offered at an affordable price. Our services are the best and most reliable services offering you a lasting solution to any of your plumbing problems. Read on to know the price range of some plumbing repairs and installation.

Emergency Plumbing Cost

Ceiling Pipe Repair

Ceiling Pipe Repair

The issue in the pipe of the ceiling is always a leak. A leak in the ceiling of a home requires a professional to analyze, detect and repair the plumbing problem. The type of problem when noticed requires immediate attention in order not to cause more damage. The charge fee for a ceiling pipe repair depends on your home plumbing system and the location of the leak.

For such repair, the cost to repair plumbing problem ranges from £650 to £1000 depending on how severe or the location of the problem.

Leaks In The Main Inlet Pipe

Leaks In The Main Inlet Pipe

The main inlet pipe of your home plumbing system is the most important or the heartbeats of your entire home plumbing and heating system. It is a plumbing problem that requires immediate attention when noticed. If not taken care of right away it might cost you much more than a fortune.

The average cost to repair a main inlet pipe is around £750. if you are replacing the main inlet pipe it average cost should be around £1500 to £4000

Water Heater Repair


This is also a plumbing emergency that needs to be fixed right away when you noticed. To repair a faulty water heater it’s repair fee costs about an average of £550.

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

The installation of water heater charges fee varies depending on the type of the water heater system you are installing.

For a standard water heater system its installation fee costs around £800 to £1400, while for the tankless water heater system, it installation fee costs around £1000 to £1800. Note that if you’re upgrading your water heater system the cost could increase.

Unclogging The Drain

Unclogging The Drain

The common plumbing issue in the home is a clogged drain who stop it has a way of clogging up no matter how preventive you are to what path through the drain. For a minor clog issues such as clogged sink and  clogged toilets it costs is around £45 to fix the issue who stole but for a more serious cloak such as unclogging the man who drain Anna clogging the main drainage system of doom it can cost up to £150 to £200.

A Safe And Affordable Plumbing Service

Are you worried about the cost of the plumbing repair? Are you comparing different plumbing company prices? You don’t need to our services are the best reliable and are offered at the lowest prices with 100% transparent estimation.

Whenever you are in London call us at Emergency Plumber LTD to solve your plumbing problem for you quickly safely and efficiently.

Our professionals are trained and licensed, they have all these to ensure your plumbing and heating needs are fixed safely and efficiently. Another benefit of hiring us is that our services are offered at the lowest price. For an affordable charge rate plumbing service call us, we are in London to help you.

Call us today at +44859252525 or email us on you may also book us via this website. Anywhere you are in London we are near. Call us today we await your call.

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