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The most common plumbing emergency is when the water discharge pipe of your home or offices got frozen and busted. This type of plumbing emergency can be so overwhelming and causes panics when it’s happened. It is a type of plumbing issues that needs to be taken care of right away else it will be and financially disastrous in the long run.

Whenever such plumbing emergency occurs, it is important to locate the inlet pipe valve of the whole building and shut it up. If you don’t know where it, it is advisable to ask and know where it is located in case if you will need it anytime. After doing that, pick up your phone call a professional plumber that can answer you anytime any day in London.

For this reason and for the safety of you and your family is why Emergency Plumber LTD is here in London for you. Our professional plumbers and engineers are ready to use their time, knowledge and experience to make your life. Just call anywhere you are in, we are close to you.

There are many other plumbing issues that cannot wait but to fix right away, else its effect will be so disastrous to the people and possible your neighbors. Here are some plumbing issues that can lead to emergency if not attended to straight away;

Sewage Backup System

This type of plumbing damage can be very unhygienic nasty and smelly. These plumbing damages occur when the water waste doesn’t properly drain away due to damages, thereby pushing back the wastewater into the building.

Burst or Leak Pipe

The plumbing issues is usually caused by cold frozen during the winter season or due to high water pressure. Insulating your pipes during the winter season and clearing any blockage that might cause backflow will go a long way in preventing bursting or leaking of pipes in your home

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet happens when the toilet bowl fills up and it does not drain away. These plumbing damages usually happen when there is a blockage which is mostly caused by the combination of paper, tissues and human waste.



Now that you know when to call for an emergency, it is essential to know how not to spend excessively on your plumbing issue when you call out for an emergency plumber.

Burst or Leak Pipe

Whenever this plumbing issue happen you need to call a plumber right away to avoid unnecessary damages or excessive spending.

Normally it takes a plumber one to three hours to fix up a burst water pipe. And it usually cost is in the range of $150 to $300 including the material cost and the call outs charges

Faulty Water Tank Cost

To replace your water tank it will cost a plumber a full day job which might cost you around $550 for labor costs and call out charges.

However if you are upgrading your hot water tank it will requires a full day job of two plumbers which will cost you around $1000(labor cost and call out charges)or less.

In planning the amount it will cost you to replace your water tank you need to also include the material cost to yours bills, for instance the water tank cost between $200 to $1000 and the materials to be used to install the water tank such as bracket, flexible or soda dielectric connector etc., cost you around $50, so your total cost would be between $800 to $2050.

Sump Pump Costs

Sump pump is essential to some areas so as to remove excess water that has accumulated under their house. To install a sump pump it’s should cost you between $157 to $1184 depending on the type of sump pump and the plumbing.

Clogged Toilet Cost

To solve your clogged toilet problem you will need an emergency plumber. This will take about an hour for an emergency plumber to solve the issue and this will cost you around $150 to $200 including callouts charges. You don’t really need any materials to fix a clog toilets.


Now that know how much plumbing repair and installation cost, you should know how to avoid some excessive spending. Let’s look at some steps to take that can help you to save money on your plumbing need cost

Regular Check Up

To prevent your plumbing issues and to save you from spending excessively on the plumbing needs of your home ensure you get a reliable plumber for a regular inspection of all your own plumbing and heating system

Be Conscious of What Pass Through Your Drain

Prevention is the key for a long lasting plumbing system, being conscious of what passed through your toilet drain and shower sink drink will prevent blockage in your drainage system.

We can prevent this by placing a litter bin in your toilet for any used toilet tissues or paper. This is important so that it will not cause blockage in the manhole drain. For your shower and sink you can install a drain trap to prevent you or any object that might cause blockage in the drain

You Can DIY Some Simple Repairs

For some minor issues such as minor clogged sink etc. you can do it yourself to save some plumbing cost

Get a Reliable Plumber Contact

Having a plumber that is reliable and trustworthy for your home plumbing will help you a lot when issues of plumbing systems happens. He will be able to give you a proper quotation and the potential cost of any plumbing aspects in case if the issues arises with a proper handling of your own plumbing system.

Hire a professional

It is essential to know that hiring a professional plumber will help you and give you Peace of Mind in dealing with your building plumbing and heating system. Any plumber you want to hire ensure he his licensed, qualified, have a good review and recommendations, his agency is accredited. It is when all this is confirmed then you are saved to hire him


For any of your plumbing emergency an installation in your home or offices in London. Call us at Emergency Plumber LTD, our experts are qualified and licensed, they have all that is required to ensure your home plumbing and heating needs are solved safely and efficiently.

Our professional plumbers and engineers take their time and experience to make your life easier by solving all your plumbing and heating issues you are facing in your home or office is.


You can call us on +44859252525 or email us on  you may also book us via this website. Anywhere you are in London we are near. Call us today, we await your call.

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