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The typical callout fee for an emergency plumber is around £75, and the labor costs are £65 per hour. Depending on how long it takes to do the job, the majority of plumbers will bill a minimum of one hour for their services. Most plumbers will charge a day fee, which typically costs around £400 per day, if the job appears to take a full day.

What Does A Plumber Cost Per Hour

The cost an emergency plumber per hour ranges between £20 and £40, this cost only caters for the labour cost. As plumbing works usually involve using material to fix many plumbing issues, you might need to add the cost of material needed to fix your plumbing issue when budgeting.

Call Out Plumber Cost

The call out charge of a plumber varies depending on the emergency plumber company and the distance travelled to the job location. The call out fee of an cheap emergency plumber in london  is an average of £75.

Are Emergency Plumber Expensive

An emergency plumber will cost you twice or three times as much as a regular plumber. A plumber who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and who can assist you with your plumbing emergency deserves more pay. Therefore, an emergency plumber cost much more than regular plumber.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Unclog A Toilet

To fix a minor clogged toilet cost around £45 and it requires no material to fix it. Nevertheless, a more serious blockage either in the manhole or the building drainage system can cost much higher up to £150 to £200.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Fix A Leak

A leak in the pipe can occur is any area of the home. If it is a leak in the main inlet pipe of the building the cost to repair is much more thank any area in the building. A main inlet pipe’s major repair typically costs roughly £750. If it requires a replacement, the cost should be between £1500 and £4000.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Replace A Garbage Disposal

The cost of replacing a garbage disposal is between £120 and £570, this prices varies based on some factors such as the size of the motor, the feed, the brand of the disposal and the emergency plumber installing the disposal. The cost of a disposal unit cost £170, while the labour cost an average of £115.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Fix A Water Heater

Depending on the type of water heater system you are installing, different fees apply for installation. The installation fee ranges from £800 to £1400 for a regular water heater system and from £1000 to £1800 for a tankless water heater system. Be aware that the price may go higher if you upgrade your water heater equipment.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Install A Shower Head

For labor and supplies, replacing a showerhead typically costs between £75 and £150. This price covers setting up a showerhead and arm connector, purchasing a material, and preparing and cleaning the area.

How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Fix A Burst Pipe

Pipes typically burst during the winter or as a result of excessive water pressure. When plumbing problems arise, they need to be addressed right away. Because other aspects are taken into account, such as damage to other property that has been damaged by the flood, and potentially if the neighbor next door is also affected, burst pipe repairs often cost between £950 and £3200.

Hire A Professional

It is essential to ensure you are hiring a professional when you are in need of an emergency plumber. Now, the question is how do I know is a professional? Here are the few tips to know and confirm when hiring and emergency plumber;

  • Ensure he/she has a license to work as a plumber
  • Ensure the plumbing company has a good reviews and recommendations from other customer to ascertain reliability of the plumber
  • Ask for their previous project to check out their level of expertise
  • Ensure the emergency plumbing service are accredited by the government and plumbing association to ensure proper handling of your plumbing and heating system.


There is no amount that is too much to make your home comfortable to live. If you are facing any plumbing issue, it is advisable to fix as quickly as possible in other to avoid more damage and to prevent the issue from getting worse.

Anywhere you are in London, Emergency Plumber London is here for you to make your home comfortable to live in and give you a lasting solution to your home plumbing issues.

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