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Every residential and commercial building experience plumbing and heating issues. No matter how you maintain your plumbing and heating system, an issues will still surface. These plumbing issue can occur anytime anyday

It’s time of occurrence is beyond what anyone can control and it usually occurs at an inconvenient time such as; during after the working hours, in the middle of the night, during the weekend, or during the holiday.

To ease this problematic occurrence is why Emergency Plumber LTD is here in London for you. Our professionals take their time and experience to make your life easier and to give you the best service at an affordable rate.

How much does an emergency plumber cost? If you are asking this question and you are in London, the good news is that you are in the right place to get your question answer.

Emergency Plumber LTD service has been rated five-star with a good reviews and recommendations from our customers. Our services are the best in the city and we offer our service at the lowest rates.

Regular Plumber Average Cost

Generally, the average cost of a plumber varies depending on the complexity of the job, the hours to complete the job, the distance traveled to the job location, and if demanded the material cost.

Nevertheless the average range of an hourly service fee by a regular plumber is between $45 and $150.

However, if the plumber is charging per job his charges rate ranges from $130 to $500. Although this can fluctuate based on some factors such as the size of the job, the experience and qualification of the plumber, the distance of the job, and the parts required to fix the fault.

Commercial plumbers charges and residential plumber charges vary; Commercial plumber charges fee is around $100 while residential plumber charges fee is around $80.

Emergency Plumber Cost In UK

Emergency Plumber Cost In UK

Plumbing services offered by an emergency plumber after working hours, weekend, or during holiday time is usually twice the regular plumber service fee. Some emergency plumber agency even charges more depending on the complexity of the job and some other factors.

Most of the time, an emergency plumber add a trip fee charges rate which is in the range of $100 to $350. It is advisable to ask the emergency plumber whenever you call-out for one if he is adding the trip fee to his charge fee.

And hourly charges fee  of an emergency plumber without adding the trip fee is usually an average of $70 to $400 depending on the complexity of the job and the emergency plumber agency.

Generally, the ongoing trend among most emergency plumbers is that; If call upon in the evening the charges will be one and half times of the regular plumber charges, if call upon during weekends the charges will be twice the regular plumber fee, and if called upon during holiday the charges will be almost thrice the regular plumber fee.

Call-out Charge

This charges vary. It depends on the distance the plumber needs to travel to your location and they rate the emergency plumber agency charges.

However, the average call-out charge rate is $75. You need to know that this charges does not include labor cost.

Material Cost


Material cost is also one of the factors that determine the cost of an emergency plumber. Many plumbers especially the professional and experienced ones usually carry the materials to do a full fix on the plumbing problem.

Some will also have a supply of the basic parts with them that can be used to repair the plumbing fault on the site. However, complex or specialized parts will need to be purchased if demanded to complete the repair.

Therefore when calling for an emergency plumber, it is essential to have it in mind that you might pay for  parts required to fix the fault.

Here are a few price lists of some common plumbing parts that you can use as a guide to know what to expect when it is required.

Price list of common plumbing materials;

  • Timer-$56 to $189
  • New sink-$45 to $289
  • Copper pipes-$5 to $8
  • New toilet-$56 to $438
  • New radiator-$22-$800
  • New boiler-$625 to $2125


Emergency Plumber LTD has been in plumbing services for many years to offer you a solution to your commercial and residential plumbing issues.

Our professionals are qualified to solve the plumbing and heating problems you are facing in your home or office. Our services are best in the city at the lowest price rates.


You can call us on 02036748514  or email us on  you may also book us via this website. Anywhere you are in London we are near you and  we await your call.



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