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Do you know that, there is a solution to your frequent bursting of pipe, leaking of water and any of your plumbing issues that needs immediate action?
Emergency plumbers are experts in piping and plumbing system, who can repair and maintain any plumbing issues that could be financially and critically disastrous if not taken care of immediately.
Emergency plumbers are skillful and make appropriate use of equipment and tools to repair any piping and plumbing issues that require urgent attention. They are professional plumbers that render plumbing services 24×7, anytime, and anyday.

What do I need to do?


Whenever you notice any problem in the plumbing work of your building, it is advisable to call on the plumber near you. The reason is that any plumbing issues that are not taken care of right away, will keep getting worse and might eventually cause severe damage to the building which can be financially burdensome.
An emergency plumber will troubleshoot the plumbing system, detect the source of the problem, and gives you a lasting solution to the problem. Below are some common plumbing issues at the hostel, at home, and in a commercial building.

11 most common plumbing issues


⦁ Leaky pipes
⦁ Clogged toilet
⦁ Clogged bath or shower drain
⦁ Dripping faucets
⦁ Low water pressure
⦁ Sewer system backup
⦁ Water heater issues
⦁ Sump pump failure
⦁ Running toilet

Leakages in pipes


Leakages in pipes always occur at the pipe joints. This causes damage to the furniture and floors, the place where the leakage occurs will be damped and its dampness can cause bugs such as cockroaches to the building.
These plumbing issues happen due to high pressure of water in the pipes or when the water is not evenly distributed thereby putting forces on the rest of the pipes and causing leakages or bursting of the pipes.

Sewer system backup


This type of plumbing fault can be very unhygienic as it gives rise to nasty smelly. These plumbing damages occur when the water waste doesn’t properly drain away due to damages, thereby pushing back the wastewater into the building.

Water heater issues


A faulty water heater can be caused by various issues spanning from malfunctioning of thermostat of the water heater to other faults such as low water pressure, overheating, loose bolt of heating elements, faulty gasket, and leaking water tank.

Clogged toilet

Emergency Plumber

Water closet get clogged when the toilet bowls fills up and it does not drain away. These plumbing damages usually happen when there is a blockage which is mostly caused by the combination of paper and human waste.

Dripping faucet


Dripping faucet is a plumbing problem that is mainly caused by a worn out gasket, and by a corrosion in the valve seat.

Low water pressure


Whenever you see the water trickles out of the tap instead of gushing out, this is likely to be a symptom of low water pressure. This problem is usually caused by leaking pipes that have worn, broken, or corroded with time.

Clogged bath and shower drain

Emergency Plumber

With the slow draining sinks of the bathroom, bathtub and shower generally get blocked up by clogs of hair and soap.

Sump pump failure


Many reasons can cause failure in your sump pump. One of the reasons that can cause failure in your sump pump, is when your discharge pipe is clogged by debris or frozen.
This can make water run back to the pipe, which can then flood the basement.

Running toilet

Emergency Plumber

The common causes of running toilet are; when the flapper leaks and when there is overflow of water leaking down into the bowl from the tank through the over flow tube. A running toilet can result into a sewer back up and basement flooding, if not taken care of right away.

Our services

Our company, Emergency Plumber London, we are the professional and reliable plumber near you. Wherever you are in London, our team of experts is in every region in the city of London.
At our company, we offer a long-lasting solution to your plumbing issues, with efficient equipment and tools. Our service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at anytime anyday; day and night.
Below are some of the services we offer;

⦁ Airlocks

⦁ Basement food clean-up

⦁ Bathroom Refurbishment

⦁ Bidet installation and repair

⦁ Blocked toilet, sinks, pipes and drains

⦁ Burst pipe repair in London

⦁ Hidden plumbing service

⦁ Got water cylinder installation 

⦁ Got water problems in London

⦁ Lead pipe replacement 

⦁ Overflows emergency

⦁ Plumbing installation 

⦁ Saniflo installation and repairs

⦁ Shower pressure adjustment 

⦁ Stopcock pressure adjustment 

⦁ Stopcock installation 

⦁ Tall repair and installation 

⦁ Toilet repair and installation 

⦁ Waste disposal unit repairs and installation

⦁ Coldwater storage tank installation and maintenance 

⦁ Wet room refurbishment.

Benefits of our services

How much does emergency plumber cost? If you’re asking this question, then you need an emergency plumber service and you’re looking for an affordable one. Worry no more, anywhere you’re in the city of London, you can call us today.
We are the London emergency plumbers that offer an affordable and pocket-friendly service. Our services vary and suit each and everyone’s pocket.

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At our company, Emergency Plumber London, we have professionals for any plumbing issues that might arise in your homes. Our team of professionals is available 24×7, anytime, any day, and they are in every region in the city of London even in the suburban neighborhood of London.
Wherever you are in London from East London to West London, from South London to North London, at Emergency Plumber London, our response teams respond with immediate effect.
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