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In a rental home, plumbing repair issues can happen at any time. You cannot avoid dealing with a plumbing repair issue with your tenants at some point as a landlord or property manager.
Knowing what to do when something unexpected happens and being prepared in advance both help in managing the situation successfully and reduce damage and some repair costs.
The easiest way to handle a plumbing emergency and get the issue rectified right away is to have us at Emergency Plumber London on call. Here are some guidelines to remember while resolving a plumbing repair issue in a rental property.

Are landlords responsible for emergency plumbing?

Yes, landlord’s are responsible for plumbing emergencies but not total responsibility. Tenants needs to contact the landlord right away as he/she takes steps to fix the problem immediately It is usually a joint responsibility of both the landlord and the tenant. However, if the plumbing emergency happens due to tenant negligence then the tenant will take responsibility to fix the problem.
Here is a practical example of an emergency, caused by tenant’s negligence and. It is the tenant’s obligation if pipes in the rental freeze in the winter and burst as a result of improper temperature settings. The renter’s careless actions are not the landlord’s responsibility to cover.

What the law says about plumbing repair and maintenance in rental property.

As a tenant, you have the legal right to request repairs from your landlord or rental property manager. Here is what the law says:
The landlord is responsible for keeping the rented home, as well as any communal areas they own or oversee, “kept in good repair and a reasonably fit and adequate state.”
A professional must perform all repairs, according to the rental company.
The landlord must make sure your tenant complies with all maintenance and repair standards connected to safety.
Regardless of the condition of the rental property, the landlord is liable for any necessary repairs or potential damages, which should be reported as soon as they are discovered.

What is plumbing Emergency

Emergency plumbing comes with urgency. It is a type of plumbing that cannot wait for a long time. It has to be attended to as soon as possible. When a plumbing emergency happens as a renter, inform your landlord or property manager then take a step in and call a professional to attend to it right away, in other to prevent more damage and cost you a lot. Below are some plumbing emergencies that require immediate action:
Burst water pipes
Sink, kitchen, toilet blocked drain
Serious leaks
No hot water
No water running in the kitchen
Frozen water pipes
Do You Need An Emergency Plumber?
Are you in London and you are experiencing a plumbing emergency? Contact your landlord or property manager, if their response are not fast enough, call us to fix the problem right away. To get in touch with us click Emergency Plumber London and get in touch through our website or call 02036748514 or 07865292684 and we will be at your doorstep in a few minutes.
As a renter, If you call a plumber for non- urgent plumbing repair, know that you will be fully responsible for the cost. Instead wait for 14 days, if they didn’t show up you then have the right to take up the task and get your compensation from the rental agency afterwards.

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