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Emergency Plumber

An outburst, fire, and harmful and toxic gases that happen due to an unexpected occurrence that can pose danger to the people and the environment are called an Emergency. And this emergency can occur in any area of the system of a building.

To prevent or reduces the damage of such an emergency in the plumbing system of your home or your business, that is why Emergency Plumber LTD is here in London for you.

An emergency plumber is a professional in piping and plumbing systems who can repair, maintain and install any plumbing and heating problems that could be extremely disastrous and cause you a fortune if not taken care of right away.

For you and your loved one to be safe and to prevent such an emergency or if the situations occur to reduce the risk and damages to the minimum state is why Emergency Plumber LTD is here in London for you.

This is because plumbing and heating issue is inevitable and it usually happens at an inconvenient time; Maybe when you are going to an important event, at a late hour, or during the weekend.

When such plumbing and heating problem occurs even at those times you have nothing to worry about, the Emergency Plumber LTD is always prepared and available to rescue you in such time.

When To Call An Emergency Plumber

When To Call An Emergency Plumber


It is advisable to have a reliable contact of an emergency plumber in case of some plumbing emergency which is known to be an inevitable occurrences in every building. After an emergency plumber, you need to know when to call for their services.

Let’s look at some common plumbing issues that require you to call  an emergency plumbing service right away;

  • Sewage backup system
  • Lower water pressure
  • Water system issue
  • Sump pump failure
  • Leaky pipes
  • Clogged toilets

Sewage Backup System

This plumbing issue usually happens when the wastewater does not drain away properly due to a blockage in the main drainage system of the building which will then push the wastewater back into the building.

When these plumbing issues occur it is advisable to call on a professional that will fix them right away because plumbing issues can be unhygienic and gives rise to a nasty smell in the building.

Low Water Pressure

when you open the tap and the water trickles out instead of gushing out it is usually a plumbing issue that occurs due to the low water pressure of the water in the inlet pipe of the building.

This plumbing issue is mostly caused by leaking pipes that are broken, corroded, or worn out with time.

Sump Pump Failure

Several reasons can cause malfunctioning in your sump pump one of the common reasons is when your discharge pipe is frozen or clogged by debris.

The plumbing problem can make water run back to the pipe which can result in flooding in the basement of the building.


Faulty Water Heater

Faulty Water Heater

When there is a failure in the water heater system of the building, especially during the winter season, it is essential to call on an emergency heating engineer to fix it immediately.

Faulty water heater can be caused by many issues spanning from the malfunctioning in the thermostat of the water heater to other issues such as malfunctioning gasket variety low water pressure they lose both heating elements and leaky water tank

Clogged Toilet

Clogged Toilet

The water closet gets clogged due to the blockage in the manhole drain. This blockage is usually the combination of human waste and tissue paper.

Leaky Pipe

Leaky Pipe

Pipe joints are mostly where the leakages occur in the pipe. These plumbing issues occur due to high pressure of water in the pipes or when the water is unevenly distributed thereby putting forces on the rest of the pipe and causing them to leak or bust.

When this plumbing issue happens it is advisable to fix it right away, because its effect can be aesthetically disastrous and causes the area where the leaks occur to be damped which causes bugs and cockroaches in the building.


Who To Call For Your Plumbing Emergency

Who To Call For Your Plumbing Emergency

Now that you have known some common plumbing emergencies you need to know whom to call when such situations happen.

Whenever a plumbing emergency happens it is recommended to call on a professional emergency plumber that is reliable and affordable.

As it is mentioned above Emergency Plumber LTD is here in London to take care of any plumbing issues you are facing in the plumbing system of your home.

Our services are the best and are highly rated by our esteemed customers. Our professionals invest their time and experiences to make your life easier.

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