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Who should pay for plumbing emergencies has always been a bone of contention between tenants and landlords. But the actual truth is that both of them should be involved in making the home continually habitable.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure the house is in a good condition and fit for the tenant to live in. And when confirmed by tenants, immediately after the tenant moves in and signs the lease agreement, the maintenance, and the repair of the house plumbing need are shared between the tenant and the landlord.


The lease agreement will be involved the responsibility of the landlord and the one for the tenant when issues occur; each person’s right, and responsibility should be clearly stated in the residential lease agreement.

In the lease agreement, one of the major obligations of a tenant is to take the proper care and maintenance of the home and maintain the continuous functioning of every good functioning aspect of the property.

For instance, a tenant must ensure the property is clean at all times and avoid flushing or washing things down that might cause blockage in the drain such as flushing the toilet paper, avoiding hair washing down the shower drain, etc.

Exclusively  Go Through Your Lease Agreement

proper clarification.

Before you signed on a residential lease agreement, it is advisable to read it exclusively and read through it and the aspects of the maintenance agreement and landlord responsibilities. If you need to clarify anything, consult your landlord immediately for proper clarification.

Some landlords do not care about their property maintenance while some care and are always ready to attend to their rental property maintenance and repairs.

Therefore, to avoid any contention between you and your landlord, it is advisable to go through the lease agreement and know your stand and that of your landlord concerning the maintenance and the repair of the property.

When Does The Landlord Have To Pay For An Emergency Plumber?

Except for the plumbing issues that are caused due to the negligence of the tenant or some activities performed by the tenant. It is the responsibility of a landlord to cater for any emergency plumbing repairs or essential plumbing repairs on his/her property.

Emergency Plumber

A plumbing emergency is any plumbing issue that requires immediate attention when it happens else its damages can pose danger to you and cost you a fortune if not attended to right away. Plumbing emergency includes: burst pipe, main inlet pipe leak, water heater stopped working, sewage back up, etc.

Below are some circumstances that warrant the landlord to pay for the plumbing repairs:

  • When the plumbing issues happen after the lease agreement has been signed and is caused due to the improper maintenance by the landlord.
  • When the issue is a result of a natural disaster or faulty construction.
  • When the plumbing issues were there before the tenant signed the agreement and was known afterward.
  • When the plumbing issues are serious and cost a fortune and can pose danger to your health and safety if not taken care of right away.



Who Supposes To Hire An Emergency Plumber? Tenant Or The Landlord?

It is recommended that the landlord should be the one to hire an emergency plumber, since as a tenant you will need the landlords authorization to perform any plumbing work.

facing a plumbing emergency

However, in the case of a plumbing emergency, the tenant can call an emergency plumber for immediate attention to the issues, but the plumber should be given the contact information of the landlord.

Plumbing Emergency?

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