Boiler service and maintenance- part one

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Boiler service and maintenance- part one

In this article, Boiler service and maintenance are important points. Servicing and maintenance of the boiler are very important to maintain boiler efficiency and safety throughout its life cycle. Therefore, in this article, we have attempted a comprehensive study of boiler maintenance methods.


Boiler service and maintenance,emergencyplumbA boiler is a facility for the purpose of heating fluid for various purposes. A hot water boiler, a boiler, and an oil boiler are different types of boilers. Boilers for domestic and construction use (excluding hospitals and some industries) are hot water types that generally have capacities ranging from a few kilowatts (kW) up to a maximum of one megawatt (Mw) and which indicate the amount of thermal energy that is transmitted to water. Transmitted.

The structure of hot water boilers that heats water in the range of 30 to 90 degrees Celsius is a pressure chamber containing a heat exchanger (tank and water pipes), a burner, a chimney, and a control system. The heat generated by the burning of fuel by the burner, which is responsible for producing and maintaining the flame, is transmitted to the water in pipes or converter in several ways (depending on the types of boilers). The hot water coming out of the boiler returns to the boiler at a temperature of 90-80 ° C after passing the consumers in an open or closed cycle, with a maximum temperature drop of 30 ° C.

Boiler service and maintenance

As human beings entered the industrial era, with the wider use of man by machine power in the early eighteenth century, the efforts of individuals such as Watts, the Marquis, and others of England to expand the exploitation of steam power and the design and construction of boilers Beginning, the primary boilers were made of sealed containers and wrapped and riveted iron sheets, containing various spherical and cubic shapes.

These containers were placed on brick walls on fire and were, in fact, burnt. These boilers supplied about 1 bar of pressure at the start of operation, meeting the needs of that period, but due to the formation of sediment and sludge on the bottom of the boiler, which was the only part of the heat exchange flame, and with this problem, metal temperatures Slowly rising, it deformed and deformed the floor metal, resulting in an explosion hazard.

As the industry needed higher steam pressures, the process of making boilers also experienced more developments.

Classification of boiler service and boiler maintenance

For this reason, to achieve greater thermal efficiency, more heat exchange was required, resulting in increased exposure to heat due to a large number of thin tubes in which hot gases flowed and water around them. . These boilers were less efficient in terms of volume.

Today’s smoke pipe boilers with two or three passes are actually evolved types of boilers. Another major development in the development of these types of boilers is the evolution from three-pass firewall boilers to drywall boilers. In the dry boilers, the ends of the pass pipes 2 and 4 are connected to a grid surface due to the high-temperature difference between the combustion gases at the pass (1 ° C) and the pass 2 (maximum 1 ° C) of the grid. And it will eventually leak. Dry boilers also need to be insulated and repaired on the passage 2 and 2 separator niche refractory materials at short intervals, which increases maintenance costs and interrupts production.

Boiler service and maintenance,emergencyplumb

Daily boiler service

Close the water inlet valve and open the drain valve.

Firstly: The vapor should pass through the glass quickly, allowing the vapor to evaporate for 1-2 seconds. Close the drain valve and open the inlet valve. The water should enter the glass of water quickly. If this is done slowly, one of the channels is blocked, which should be fixed at the earliest opportunity.

Secondly: Open the boiler drain valve and allow the drain to take a few seconds. (This is done to reduce salts in the water)

Thirdly: If the glass is dirty, the flame inspection at the back of the boiler should be cleaned.

further, Visit the low flame and high flame.

Fourthly: Cup Cups (cups in large boilers) and nozzles (Nozzle in small boilers) Torches are cleaned daily with cloth, paraffin or diesel.

Note: Do not use any sharp or sharp tool to do the above, because if the nozzle or cup is repeated, it will be out of balance and need to be replaced.

in addition, The burner components must be kept clean. The leaked oils should be cleaned daily and the leak site should also be sealed. Continue rotating the valve until the end of the steam cleanup for 5 seconds. Turn clockwise to normal.

Weekly boiler service

When the burner is on, turn the water supply switch on and off by evaporation, with the boiler installations in place, and allow the water level to drop as evaporation reaches the watermark on the water glass. In this situation, the torch must be switched off and the low water level lights on and the alarm should start.

Disconnect the alarm with the appropriate key and allow it to evaporate until it reaches a very low water level (Extra). At this point, the water level lights are dimmed and the siren starts to operate. Turn off the siren sound with the appropriate key and after the steps are properly controlled, turn on the water supply pump and complete the drainage and turn on the torch.

These steps are performed to ensure the performance of the water control system. The boiler should not remain at an extremely low water level for a long time.
Check boiler warning devices such as bells and lamps.

Contact the authorized representative of the company immediately if you have any problems with the above steps.
Check the feed pump strainer and clean it if necessary. When the torch is in operation, remove the electric eye. The flame should immediately be switched off and the warning light will be lit and the siren will start. In this way, the flame control circuit is investigated.

Wipe the electrical eye with a soft, clean cloth and place it in place.

Check the ignition electrodes for the fuel and nozzle of the fuel or nozzle and clean the sediment if observed.
Check the air and fuel damper connections.


Boiler service and maintenance,emergencyplumb
Boiler service and maintenance,emergencyplumb

Seasonal boiler service

Thoroughly clean the burner and check for leaks.
Clean the passage 1 and 2 (with soot in the pipe) with a special brush.
With all safety tips in mind, open the door and hand valves in the boiler thoroughly for sediment and rust.

NOTE: Do items 1 and 2 in the first working season of the boiler, and then proceed according to the rate of operation of the boiler. That is, it is possible to determine at what interval the pipes and at what intervals the boiler should be inspected.

Keep in mind that:
The maximum time for cleaning the pipes and servicing the boiler shall not exceed three months.
Because cleaning the pipes increases the efficiency of the boiler.
Keep the pipe surface clean
It reduces the capacity of the boiler
Depilate the pipes.
These simple steps add to the efficiency of the boiler.

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