boiler capacity, repair, tips, Select and buy

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boiler capacity, repair, tips, Select and buy

In determining the boiler specifications for its design, it may be the most difficult to determine the boiler number and capacity. The minimum and maximum steam required during a period that may be one day, one week, or one year are required.

How to operate a boiler

boiler capacity, repair, tips, Select and buyThe operation may also be continuous during the year, such as operating units, or in seasonal applications, such as in the summer, or even during the summer.

Select the number and determine the boiler capacity

When planning to determine boiler capacity and selecting the number of boilers needed, unit development plans should be considered and a chart of anticipated operation plans should be prepared. The most important thing to consider is the minimum need for storage boilers or boilers.

If there is always a need for maximum boiler capacity during the year, a storage boiler will suffice.

But if the conditions are such that the shortest interruption is not possible to reduce the load on the boilers, it is necessary to have two reserve boilers to interrupt production if one of the boilers fails unexpectedly, and the other is closed for maintenance and inspection.

Often the repair and inspection time is longer than the predicted time and if the number of boilers is high, the total repair time per year is relatively long.

inspection and repair

For example, if we consider 2 weeks for inspection and repair of each boiler and the number of boilers is 6, the total repair time is at least 12 weeks.

It can be repaired during factory closures, but this requires comprehensive planning and forecasting of parts and labor during repairs.

In case of a seasonal load of the boiler, such as heating facilities or factories such as sugarcane, the unit can be closed for a period of time – eg more than 20 weeks, provided that the boiler does not need to be cleaned during operation. does not have.

Also, in installations that have two types of continuous and seasonal consumption, it can be possible to perform single repairs during the seasonal holidays, reduce or eliminate the number of storage boilers by carefully selecting the size of the boilers.

In short-term and multi-hour periods of peak consumption not exceeding 10% of the maximum boiler capacity, available facilities such as blowers and torches can be utilized at existing facilities, thereby reducing capital costs. The investment was more than reduced.

boiler capacity, repair, tips

Consider the boiler capacity for operation

The minimum operating capacity of the boiler unit should also be considered because less than usual capacity utilization for a long time and limited drives makes self-controlling steam carding impossible and operations uneconomical.

In general, long-term operation of less than 2% of the maximum continuous load of the boiler, ie with a reduction ratio of five to three due to control and efficiency problems of the boiler, is not reasonable. The limit of this ratio is set at three to one.

Therefore, it is recommended to consider a smaller boiler in case of low consumption. In such cases, if the steam pressure in the grid is not very important, the lower pressure boiler can be used and thus more suitable for design.

In such cases, a combination of boiler-fire-boiler-water boilers will be useful.

Another example is a power plant that requires a lot of thermal energy to heat oil storage tanks, as well as to heat boilers with low-pressure steam.

This auxiliary steam boiler is supplied by fire-tube boilers, but the main boilers are of the blue-tube type. Another advantage of this mode is the lower cost of water treatment for the auxiliary steam supply.


Nowadays, it is difficult for some managers and technical engineers to decide whether to purchase a boiler or a boiler.

Important Boiler and Pot Selection Guide

  1. What is the price relative to the type of boiler equipment and boiler capacity?
  2. What are the terms of the after-sales service and the manufacturer’s warranty?
  3. Do boilers and boilers have standards?
  4. Does the manufacturer cooperate with the approved technical company for inspection and inspection?
  5. What is the status of the facility, the specialist manpower, and the manufacturer’s experience?
  6. What is the quality level of the inspection company?

Important items in boiler selection and boiler purchase

  • Manufacturers of boilers and boilers are required to comply with technical and standard principles in the manufacture of all pressure vessels, including boilers and boilers.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements may cause irreparable damage to the consumer.
  • Since all the responsibilities of using a boiler are non-standard with the consumer, this should be taken into consideration when purchasing a boiler.

Buy the best boiler and pay attention to the boiler capacity

You should also consider other factors such as the type of fuel and the burner, the number of combustion chamber passes, the watt backbone or the backbone drive when selecting the following firewall boilers.

The use of stiffeners and diuretics for the boiler water supply system is a must.

The quality of peripherals such as :

water supply pump, safety valve, drain valve, pressure switch, level control, single feeding valve, main steam outlet valve, and switchgear, are important factors in ensuring steady steady performance.

The most important factors that increase the life of boilers are:

  • boiler capacity, repair, tipsboiler capacity, repair, tipsDesign and construction of the boiler based on approved drawings
  • Designed in accordance with the accepted procedures provided in international standards
  • Use of alloy steels and firefighting pipes in row seven of sufficient thermal levels of tubes, number of boiler passes
  • Selection of burner with calculated capacity suitable for boiler heating (maximum 20% more than boiler capacity)
  • Torch Flame Adjustment (Blue Burner and Direct Flame Torch Flow in Boiler)
  • Accurate calculation and execution of chimney in terms of diameter and height of smoke suction due to combustion air volume
  • Conduct periodic inspections and services! especially regarding boiler capacity and how and how to burn the burner in a steel spa boiler.
  • Proper performance of controls, safety valves, thermostats and …

Installation of boilers

Position the boiler high enough and make sure the boiler is high enough! to keep the new water level close to the old water level and take note of the size of the tank.

Install the inlet and outlet instructions according to the installation instructions. Determine the appropriate pipe size from the boiler size chart!

The pot header should fall a bit. The header must be equal to the side of the ring; in other words, the ring and the header must be aligned.

Steam must always flow in one direction in a header. This means that both boiler boosters must be present.

After all boiler valves are activated, all systems must be connected to the outlet pipes.

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