7 Simple Steps To Unblock A Blocked Manhole

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“It was during the holiday time, in the evening, at dinner time. As I am enjoying a nice time with my family, then my little Danny comes around and says “ daddy the toilet is not flushing” immediately I followed him probably he doesn’t do it right, then I realize it is not a mistake it is an issue with the toilet drain. For that night we weren’t able to use the toilet and the house is already getting messy. As I was trying to look for a plumber I know that I don’t have much to spend. Then I recall searching online on how to DIY the blocked manhole. The following day, I went to the store to get the necessary tools. With the help of Emergency Plumber, I was able to successfully solve the toilet drain issues without disrupting the holiday time with my family” Garrison explained.

If you are having sometimes at home or you don’t have much to spend and you are noticing a similar issue with Garrison, then this is your perfect time to take garrison steps and saves some cost to unblock your blocked manhole with these 7 simple steps.

7 simple steps to DIY the blocked manhole and save some cost.

As mentioned by Garrison, when preparing to DIY the blocked manhole, there are some tools needed to successfully unblock the manhole. This includes a set of drain tools, gloves, goggles, protective clothing, and a facemask.

Yes, DIY plumbing can be so risky as it can cause more issues if not done properly, but with these 7 simple steps, if followed carefully – you will be able to unblock the blocked manhole all by yourself.

Check out these 7 simple steps to DIY the blocked manhole and save some cost.

Locate The Manhole Chamber

Locate The Manhole Chamber: This is the first thing to do, find where the manhole of the building is located.

Uncover The Manhole Cover: This is simply done by lifting the manhole or inspection hatch to one side not far from the manhole. Note: Before removing the manhole cover ensure you put on your protective clothing, goggles, and face masks because of the unpleasant fumes from the manhole.

Connects The Drain Rods To The Head: After opening the manhole cover connect two or more drain rods to ensure a full length that can conveniently get to the drain pipe and still have something to hold without getting too close to the manhole

Inserting The Drain Rods To The Manhole: After connecting the rods, insert the rods into the drainpipe of the manhole. Rotate the rod clockwise to help the head to get inside the pipe and clear all the blocked particles in the pipe.

Note: When rotating the rods rotate it clockwise, this is because if you rotate it anticlockwise the rods might unscrew and get hooked in the drain

Connect More Rods If Necessary: If you don’t feel any blockage while twisting the rod in the pipe connect more rods to it for the rod to move further and reach where the blockage happens.

Clearing The Blockage: When you reach the blockage in the pipe, push and twist the long drain rod to shift the blockage. When the blockage is shifted, the trapped water inside the manhole will drain away freely. Keep twisting the rod until the water in the manhole fully drained away.

Withdraw the rod by keep rotating it clockwise until it is fully withdrawn. Cover the manhole back, after doing all that your toilets will be flushing very well without any delay or obstruction.

Clean The Tools After Use: After you are through with the process clean all your tools with water and allow them to dry before storing them in the store for the next use.

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